The gearing conversation…again

I've seen a few posts about gearing and torque calculations but I figured I would bring it up again. This time around my hypothetical scenario is optimizing top speed for a straight, the one i have in mind is about 1/2 mile at NCBIKE but that's just be… Go to Source

Regen on the throttle, a software only solution

Hi everyone, I am new here, and do not own a Zero bike (yet  ), but I do own a KTM Duke II and have been driving a Chevy Volt for the past two years. The Volt was an eye opener on the pleasure of driving an electric vehicle, making me consider to r… Go ...

More fame for Jeff, but the bad news?

I'm glancing through the teasers for the latest articles and the image on one of them jumps out at me . . . that's our very own Jeff on his Empulse R!  I know this because I've seen him galavanting around SF more times than I've seen Wil… Go to Source

Honda NC750S DCT Review

Hi Folks, I hope you don't mind me posting this here and that some of you find it of interest.  It's relevant in a roundabout kind of way!  I know many of you will have read some of my previous articles so this will bring you up-to-date with where I am… Go to Source

Helmet Lock Extension for Zero with PowerTank

I stole this idea from another blog ( to use with a Zero with the PowerTank. I used a 3/32" vinyl-covered steel cable (18" long… Go to Source

Charging at 4 kW

I got my free Delta-Q "Quic" charger in the mail yesterday (along with a Zero riding jacket and a pair of gloves). I hooked it up, along with the other two Delta-Q chargers – for a total of 4 kW of charging.The bike charged from 87% to 97% in about 20… Go to Source

Power in Flux: The History of Electric Motorcycles final push

We're in the last week of the Kickstarter:  Brian Richardson of Team MotoElectra.  Eva Håkansson, Jeff Disinger, Frank John, Michael Czysz, Richard Hatfield…  Mike Corbin, Azhar Hussain, Rupal Patel, Courtenay Heading.  Trevor Lees, John Fiorenza, … Go to Source

SR vs P85D

Today I was riding in downtown Walnut Creek when I spied a shiny new red Ferrari a few cars ahead of me. He got stopped at a red light so I filtered up through the stopped cars to get a better look. As I was coming to a stop just before the crosswalk I… Go ...

Zero FX Mods & Accessories – Helmet Lock, iPhone Mount & Lowering 1"

Hello, Happy Saturday! This new FX is insane and every time I ride it I giggle like a little kid. The bike is new to me, so I thought I'd ask some experienced folks some questions on modifications/accessories. I'm looking for the following: – iPhone m… Go to Source

throttle replacement

just let everybody know I was beginning to have problems with the throttle on my sr. I would just barely turn the throttle on and get to bars and the bike with jump instead of a smooth acceleration. and at 45 to 50 miles per hour are you would barely d… Go to Source