Article in August issue of Motorcyclist

There is an article about Mission Motorcycles on page 26 of the August issue of Motorcyclist. It is written by James Parker who helped design the Mission R. There is an interesting comment about how Mission was trying to update 6 year old technology an… Go to Source

The Verge on the Isle of Man TT Zero

Do racers dream of electric bikes? Go to Source

Problems with newly purchased 2010 DS

I recently purchased a used 2010 DS to go with the solar electric system I just installed (a used model was all I could afford after paying for the components!).  I was probably a little naive in buying it, since I know next to nothing about EV's from … Go to Source

DIY Range extender and power storage…

I like my XU, which I got 2014 a lot and drive it in the city to work and  each weekend 60 km to my "Expositur" at the country side (50 and 80-100km/h, quite hilly)and end with 15-25% left energy, so it is quite ok. Sometimes I tought about  trips in … Go to Source

2015 FX Gearbrake?

Ordered a GearBrake after seeing them mentioned in a post here. Looks like they pop into a 2014 DS quite nicely! However on the 2015 FX I can't seem to find the same connectors. I dropped the extra $30 for an OEM harness – but now I'm wondering if it's… Go to Source

DS Tyres

Hey all OK, so my stock tyres are pretty shit and now winter has arrived I have to act. Been looking at all my options and stumbled across the new Michelin Anakee III. Really honest review here [url=… Go to Source

Fast Access Pin

This was an accidental modification. I wasn't paying attention and stripped the nut tighten the seat. So I had to figure out what to do without buying a new seat. SO I found these "Fast Access Pins" from Sargent Cycle. They specialize in high end OEM r… Go to Source

Brakefix parking brake

Here is a neat device for holding your front brake on to keep your bike from rolling when the motor is off, should you not want to use a Velco tie or something similar:  http://www.webbi… Go to Source

Zero SR is very slow

Hi. My 2014 Zero SR was very slow today and is missing power. The bike was driving normal on my way to work, but when I was to drive home in the afternoon was the bike very slow, it did not accelerate like normal, almost like it did not responet when I… Go to Source

frame sliders

I need to know what is the thread of the screw for istaling de frame sliders. M10 is not correct. thanks. Go to Source