Zero SR is very slow

Hi. My 2014 Zero SR was very slow today and is missing power. The bike was driving normal on my way to work, but when I was to drive home in the afternoon was the bike very slow, it did not accelerate like normal, almost like it did not responet when I… Go to Source

frame sliders

I need to know what is the thread of the screw for istaling de frame sliders. M10 is not correct. thanks. Go to Source

2015 FX RH wheel-hub-to-swingarm clearance?

Could someone please measure this for me, when it's convenient for you?  Thanks! Ray Go to Source

Brammo Merchandise in the Netherlands

We are cleaning out our shop with Brammo Merchandise: Only shipment to Netherlands. Go to Source

New Patent for Brammo – Electronic park brake system

Patent can be found [url=… Go to Source

DC-DC converter ground- 12v needed for aux LED’s 2010 S model

Need to power my nifty add-on LED hi-beams. My 2010 doesn't seem to have the pigtail for the 12v accessory add-on I have seen mentioned. I can add the double tap fuse doohickey from AutoZone but that just gives a Positive- the frame is not the ground- … Go to Source

Canadian dealer not happy about transition…   Go to Source

2015 SR not fully charging, Sometimes will not engage contactor as well

I have 2 separate issues on my 2015 SR.  Twice now I have left it charging over night, I come out the next day and it is showing 84% charge and 0hrs left to charge.  After I unplug the charger and plug it back in it jumps to around 91% and 40min left t… Go ...

Empulse charge coupler carrying solution

Got tired of lugging the bulky J1772 coupler in my messenger back every time I wanted to take it with me, so decided to see if the Kriega US-10 tail bag would work. Turns out it fits perfectly, with room for some miscellaneous tidbits:[img width=600 h… Go to Source

Zero – "Friends don’t let Friends Drive Gas" promotion

My daily Google Alerts found this.  I'm in discussions to add a second Zero (DS or SR) to the stable and rather than refer myself and "double dip" it is going to be PM to Benswing (sorry Doc) for his details if my purchase is before the deadline. Anyb… Go to Source