I have a Volt now!

Love the car!  With my crazy commute I end up using gas more often than I like.  2.5 gallons used in the current 400 miles.  It rained a couple days and I couldn't park in my yard to charge.  Hoping to have a level 2 in my carport soon lol… Go to Source


Wrong forum… Go to Source

So where can we buy a Brammo now?

Is Polaris making Electric bikes using Brammos parts or can we no longer get one from either? Go to Source

Top box weight limit

So a while back I purchased the rack and top box for my 2014 SR, and it's proved to be so useful that I just upgraded to the largest "monolock" box Givi makes (47 liters). It has the same weight limit the old, smaller box has — 3 kilograms. I'm rather… Go to Source

HOW TO: Communicate with your Brammo (Via CAN)

I've been sitting on this for a bit but I've decided to post it so here we go. To start off, doing stuff below will void your warranty with extreme prejudice so I cannot recommend  anyone ever do this.   NOTE: per the warranty conditions: “Any product… Go to Source

No official information yet

For the heck of it, I called up both a Seattle-area Victory dealer and Victory corporate today in the wake of their success at the Isle of Man TT to ask if they had any information for the public about future electric motorcycle products.  The local de… Go to Source

Ram mount for phone using Universal X-Grip on fork stem for GPS

I use my CyberCycle for long trips that have me adjusting speed to make it to my destination, like to Hollywoodelectrics.com for their monthly ride. Getting lost wastes precious energy, so I'll be testing this new mount from Ram Mounts to navigate me t… Go to Source

Max. battery capacity 2015 DS with Power Tank less than expected

The max. battery capacity in the app is 14.1 kWh. The main battery is 12.5 and the power tank battery 2.8. That should be 15.3 in total. Is this normal? Go to Source

Still powered after removing key

So, I've run into a little bit of an issue unique to EV's. My 2014 SR won't ummm… turn off. To clarify, this isn't a 'I removed the key and the headlight is still on' type scenario, this is a 'the bike has been off and the key in my back pocket for t… Go ...

Survey on Zeros so far

Hi guys this is such a small company  and smaller still forum posters but I thought it would be interesting to get some idea of a bigger picture of who owns what and amount of riding they do on it, type of riding and any issues (break downs, dealer iss… Go to Source