SR rear sets

Has anybody replaced the stock footpegs on their SR (2015) with rear sets? Where did you get them and what model matches? I have worn the toe sliders to the nubs on my boots and now my foot is being pulled off the pegs in fast corners…frankly a littl… Go to Source

2014 Zero SR Range Data and Analysis

OK data hounds, here is a treasure trove of information!  All the photos of my odometer for my 2015 ElMoto road trip using a 2014 Zero SR with a windscreen, 2 Elcon 2.5kW chargers and a Givi top case with 30 lbs of gear and me (I weigh 165lbs). Here is… Go to Source

Zero S acceleration

Motorcyclist magazine has a Zero S for long-term testing and they have an up-date article in their September issue's "MC Garage" section near the rear of the magazine. To date they have ridden the PT-equipped S a total of 1500 miles.  The rider … Go to Source

Servide and Maintenance requirements 9600km – 6000mi

I have not done six months, to ride a Brammo, and I am arrived to 9200km (5720mi), I will come next maintenance that is to 9600km (6000mi). In the maintenance list, says to replace the brake oil, and replace the oil of the front suspension. has anyone … Go to Source

Front brake squeal fixed

It's taken a while as I wanted to be absolutely sure this time, but my front brake is finally silent.  I've done two extended pad/rotor break-in rides on the street and four 45 min. dirt/street rides, all without a sound.  Brake operation is also much … Go to Source

Vetterizing 2013 S Build (Image heavy!)

I guess it is about time I start to mirror content over here to engage those who don't use FB (and I don't blame you ) There are three ways to follow my progress in the order I will likely update them. 1) Zero Motorcycles Owners Group on Facebook2)… Go to Source

Correct Tube size for DS

I'm replacing my 2012 DS tires with Avons. Front: Avon AM26 100/80 V17Rear: Avon AM26 120/80 V16 Now I'm researching tube sizes for these and it isn't clear to me what size tube I need for each wheel. Will this work for the front?  Type: TR-4/TR-6 (8m… Go to Source

Brammo Empulse RR Race Bike #3 stolen from Brammo Talent last night.

I just heard this from Brammo. Be on the lookout. Can't imagine what someone plans to do with this one of a kind racebike, other than take it for a joyride. Go to Source

Charging via motor controller ( the future ) ?

I am sure anyone already had the idea using the motor controller as charger ( I hope I do not double a topic). Just saw Stream #0 from Zero: carrying the fast charger infrastructure is not the future  (also read this before on other articles and posts)… Go to Source

eMotoRacing at NJMP, press release. July 2015

Jul 13, 2015Rochester Institute Of Technology Wins Woodcraft Technologies eMotoRacing Varsity Challenge At NJMP¬© 2015, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc. From a press release issued by Arthur Kowitz/eMotoRacing:ROCHESTER INSTITUTE of TECHNOLOGY wins… Go to Source