Are Some "Error" Codes Normal?

I know when I turn on my SR with the kill switch off I see the error code 44 and if I turn the bike on with the kickstand down the error code 45 shows up.But I'm also seeing 25 (Contactor Open Warning) and 49 (Contactor Ope… Go to Source

Zero @ Isle of Man

I watched the webinar from Zero (not live) and the one thing that came up was racing and competing in the Isle of Man race.  Zero does not seem to have the capitol invest into it but it seems that they would be willing to participate.  So my girlfriend… Go to Source

2013 Demo or 2014 New?

What would you choose between a Zero 2013 DS demo with 8500 km and a new 2014 spec DS?2013 comes with windscreen, quick charger, and crash bars but has an issue with the charging cable – can currently only charge with the quick charger. This is the ex… Go to Source

2015 S/SR mirrors

The left mirror on my 2014 SR has been banged up a couple of times, and needs replacing. But I've hated these mirrors since the day I bought the bike, and I really like the look of the new mirrors much better. Does anybody know off-hand if the 2015 mir… Go to Source

2014 DS with our without power pack

Hi all. I am looking to buy a demo 2014 DS. I had been planning to get the one without the power pack, but I am now not sure. The extra range would be nice. From what I have gathered on other topics, the power pack does add some top weight, making corn… Go to ...

Security Chains or Disk Locks?

Hi folks – Looking at picking up one of these ( though they don't seem to sell in the US.  Not sure what to do about that yet   That said, what does everyone e… Go to Source

Govecs buys the Vectrix factory

Here is some interesting news for all of you Vectrix enthusiasts: Go to Source

Happy with LED headlight conversion?

For those who have completed LED headlight conversion, are you satisfied with results. Unanticipated issues?Attachment unrelated, but for reference for those planning to accessorize. Go to Source

Regenerative parking !

Only couple hundred miles on 2015 Zero S model, but consistently the percentage of battery charge remaining will increase 2-4% after sitting in parking garage or outside after either 5 mile ride to barn or 10.5 mile ride to work and 5-12 hours of inact… Go to Source

messy chain, how to clean excess drips

I oiled my chain for the first time. I clearly over-did it. The frame looks perpetually wet and is now collecting dirt, the rear tire is shiny on one side. My bad. What product can I use to wipe down and clean the sticky frame and tire? Go to Source