cloudy fiberglass?

Has anyone had issues with the fiberglass on the 2013 going cloudy?  I think it might be the clear coat reacting to the suns uv. thought I'd see if anyone else has had that before I contact Zero Thanks Go to Source

Blink Network Occupancy Fee?

Just got an email saying that if you stay connected to a Blink Charger for more than 15 minutes after you are done charging you will get charged 8 cents a minute. Go to Source

Brammo shifts gears to electric vehicle technology

Informative article about the Brammo sale and what they plan to do now. Go to Source

Update for Zero App

For Android (I don't know for iPhone) the Zero App [v. 1.2.8] hasn't been updated since Sept 22, 2014.  What new features / tweaks would you like to see on the app? For myself… I'd like to see some minor tweaks to the Riding S… Go to Source

Lever lubrication

I thought I'd share my near-failure experience so others can avoid my ignorance. Today, I lubricated the pivot points of my front brake and clutch levers. First, I removed the lock nut on the clutch side. (19 mm socket). I noticed that there was a cir… Go to Source

Charging accessories

So, finally got round to fitting my new charging inputs and outputs. I found some great 30A aircraft sockets and plugs that are IP65. I have a box under the tank with everything terminated; on board and 2 optional chargers. 1 socket either side for AC … Go to Source

2015 Zero SR storage in tank area

Zero, on my 2015 SR, why did you put such a small storage option in the tank area when it clearly could be the size of a power tank module. I would love a lockable, non-removable, larger storage area in the tank. If I build one myself (from carbon fib… Go to Source

Cryptic Flashing Lights on ’14 S zf11.4

HELP ! My ZERO S is brand new and has had a defective dash, screws fall out, software upgrades that are dubious, and it has spent a month at a dealer trying to figure out what is going on with the BMS.  Now that the bike is back, the bike goes through … Go to ...

2012 ds for sale

Bike has new upgraded motor with only a few hundred miles on new motor. It has about 13'000 total miles. It runs fine and fast. What is a reasonable price? I paid 15'000 for it new. Go to Source

Noise Dampening a Zero?

So this is a little bit of a funny question because everyone's reaction is going to be "but it's so quiet already!" – has anyone done additional noise canceling on the bike to dampen the electric motor whine even further? Go to Source