2015 Zero SR won’t charge

Hi everyone.  At the end of April, I purchased a 2015 Zero SR.  It was great for the first 750 miles.  One day, the curcuit breaker tripped in my garage and the bike stopped charging.  I flipped the breaker and it started charging for a few minutes, th… Go to Source

Zerocast #0

For anyone that missed the Livestream Zero did, here's the link Livestream | Broadcast & Watch HD Live Streaming Video Events Interesting (albeit a little death by powerpoint) break down of their history and h… Go to Source

Scorpio Ride on Zero FX?

A little late to the party I came across the Scorpio Ride system yesterday. Looks the core system plugs into the OBD port with additional battery leads. I'm mostly interested in it for ride tracking but also for the tire pressure monitoring. By chance … Go to Source

iPhone app

Hey Zero motorcycle/iPhone owners, quick question. Am I missing something, or is there no way to configure the custom mode via the app? All I get is the eco mode. I'd love to be able to change the settings of all three modes quite frankly. Anyone been … Go to Source

Type 2 plugs in France

I am a happy French owner of a Brammo Empulse R for 10 days and I have questions regarding charging on public stations. My bike have been delivered with a Level 2 220V wall box and a J1772 to IEC 62196-2 (type 2) Cable. Here is what the cable looks lik… Go to Source

Long-term maintenance notes (2013 DS)

I just wanted to summarize some maintenance milestones I've hit recently on my 2013 Zero DS after two years and warrantee expiration: Wheel bearings replaced as a set at 14,500 miles, after notable levels of squealing at low s… Go to Source

Zero demo purchase?…need advice

In another thread I described some misadventures I had with a newly purchased 2010 DS that I bought from a dealer in Florence, CO.  It turns out that, as I had feared, the batteries are shot, and in may have a controller issue as wellĺSo, it's back to … Go to Source

Canadian Owners – post your pics!

If my sources are accurate then there is only a very small handful of Empulse bikes in Canada. 2x Montreal1x Edmonton2x Vancouver I'd love to see pics of an Empulse with a Canadian backdrop. I'm in Vancouver and here are some pics from my neck of the… Go to Source

Titanium Harware Upgrade (Mostly)

The FL rainy weather, also living 15 miles from the Atlantic Ocean seems to be having it way with the bike's hardware. It was tarnished and rusting really bad…  The bike is only two years old with 12k miles on it so I felt that an upgrade that would … Go to Source

Luggage racks for 2014 Zero S which fit standard luggage?

Hi there – I'm new to buying luggage racks, and I'm trying to understand if anyone makes a rack for the 2014 Zero S that I can strap normal luggage (think small carry-on luggage/roll-aboard) to with bungee cords. I know Zero sells this: [url=http://ww… Go to Source