Morgan Motor Co EV concept

Here is a neat concept from Morgan.  I hope they produce it:… Go to Source

help with charging not functioning ’15 SR

So I drove about 40 miles to work the other day. Charged at work and noticed it only registered 97% charge despite being at above 60% & charging for 5 hr. +. Admittedly I was using an extension cord longer than 25 ft. Didn't think anything of it, drove… Go to Source

Mission Impossible

Mission: Impossible.  That is the title of an article written by James Parker on page 26 of the August issue of Motorcyclist magazine. Mr. Parker is describing the history of Mission Motorcycles.  He was a contractor for the company (starting in… Go to Source

Battery percentage not accurate!

Rode today my 2014 FX 2.8. made it back to my town with 4% battery left.I was very gentle with the throttle and had less than 1 km to my that point the bike all of a sudden dropped directly to 0% and shut down. had to push it uphill for about… Go to ...