Anyone know front wheel bearing size

I've got a 2013 s with the aluminum wheels, anyone know the bearing size before I remove the front wheel and replace the bearings, I want to have them on hand before removing the wheel Go to Source

Zero FX 2014 Overheating Motor

Has anyone problems with overheating motor with the FX 2014?When I'm driving with my bike at temperatures about 30°C/86°F the motor is overheating after a few kilometers which means the temperature is over 70°C/158°F and the controller reduces the pow… Go to Source

Arlen Ness Electric Cruiser

A friend of mine visited the Arlen Ness store yesterday and sent me a photo of an electric cruiser motorcycle that he built and was on display in his shop.  Not too stylish to my eye, but at least he gave it a try. Hopefully Arlen will continue to work… Go to Source

Weak for T on Fx?

Hi guys I have my fx5.7 for one week now and really enjoy it for my commute. Lots of fun..   (Coming from a duke 690) But although brand new the handle was not straight so I tried to straighten it by forcing against a pillar as I am used from my dirt … Go to ...

ABS failure on dirt?

Hi guys I have my fx5.7 for one week now and really enjoy it for my commute. Lots of fun..   (Coming from a duke 690) Yesterday I took her to the cross track and after a whoops wheelie the ABS got screwed up and I had no brakes at all at the end of th… ...

Hidden or not so hidden features of the 2010 DS Zero

Took the 2010 DS Zero for another test ride today. The good news was I broke the land speed record of 94 Kph. Then a couple of new features not in the manual showed up. Whisper quiet motor, after a clunking noise and my favourite, the hidden exercise b… Go to Source


i'm giving away a set of knobbies from my 2010. they have hardly been used, and only on dirt. gonna put the crappy stock tires back on for the trade in. also have a new stock rear that was for my 2012 but never used, and a shinko dualsport tread for th… Go to Source

Install Carbon Kit Package

I've been looking for instructions on how to install the carbon kit on my Empulse 2014. I can't find this info, is there a manual or a post anyone can point me to? Go to Source

Zero Management Contact Info Help

My 2014 Zero has been great after a spell of bad experiences early on. Before I get into detail, I was wondering if anyone has names and/or contact information for higher ups within Zero. About a year ago I had contact with one representative which was… Go to Source

LED Headlight

I am thinking of trying to see if this will work on the Enertia..… Go to Source