Connect BMS?

Hello Is one of you come into the BMS controller of the 2012 Zero?If so, how pinout software? Go to Source

Need Brushes for Agni 95 on DS 2010

I was wondering if any of you would have a source of new brushes and possibly a brush holder for a DS 2010.  Well for the Agni 95 motor?  It would be great if you were in Australia but I am happy to pay postage for a set of 8 brushes. Thanks in advance… Go ...

2010 "S" won’t charge

I've been through a number of chargers from Zero, with a variety of error messages. Now it appears that the battery voltage has dropped enough that the charger will not "boot up." Is there a work around here?Controller was replaced at Great Bay Motorc… Go to Source

MBB serial access – TTL or RS-232?

For those that have gone for a cable connection, rather than reaper dongle, is the serial access on the OBD port TTL or RS-232 level? Go to Source

Charging options/theories

i just bought spenny818's bike and have it up at my solar powered cottage, I plugged it in to the 2500 watt inverter and voila it was charging – but at a rate that taxed my system after the sun went down, I won't be riding it much up here but do spend … Go ...

Empulse Vs Empulse R

Which one should you buy?  2014 Empulse    $9,9952014 Empulse R    $11,995 Go to Source

SEVCON parameters

Hello Can you look at the data of the battery.The max-Volt are for a Zero in 2012 but too high right?The charge termination voltage is 75 voltsAt first engine failure the power of the engine has been withdrawnIf the dealer what programiert wrong?H… Go to Source

Zero will offer trade-in credit for 2010-2012 bikes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Go to Source

FastAce fork oil change / spring replacement

After living with the Fox shock & new spring for a while, the FastAce forks seemed increasingly harsh in comparison.  The rear was hooking up & tracking straight, but the front end was dancing around and deflecting off everything, and only compressing … Go to Source

New Zero FX facebook page!

Created for all FX riders & fans. Including photos, videos & information about the bike. Great way to join the Zero FX dedicated community on facebook. Go to Source