Solar charge my zero fx :)

some cool stuff 4x92ah > Bosch agm 3kw pure sine xantrex inverter charger  [url=… Go to Source

We Use Oset and Kuberg Bikes to Teach Technical Bike Skills

Hello, We ride gas dirt bikes, but last summer we bought an Oset 20.0R to play on in the backyard and really loved it. Now we have 9 electric trials bikes that we use to teach technical riding skills – universal two-wheeled skills such as used in BMX, …

What are your top 5 recommendations for improving upcoming Zero Street models?

I know Zero is doing the best they can to make a great bike at a somewhat affordable price while growing the company but I think we would all like to see some things changed.  Here are my top 5. 1: More range – I would like to see a 200 mile highway ra… Go ...

Zero SR speed tests?

Just curious if anyone has done any 0-60 runs on the SR to see what they can actually get.  I would be interested to see any 1/8 or even 1/4 mile runs although I know it will be topped out long before the 1/4 mile ends, I would still be interested to k… Go to ...

2009 Brammo Enertia in Arkansas

Looks like an orange beauty in Bentonville. Starting bid is only $2500.… Go to Source

Removing front wheel

I just received today my clip-ons from Ebay As I didn't wanted to spend a lot of money in these as I am not really sure I will keep them I went for one of the less expensive and they can not be opened. I payed 33€ delivered for them and they look re… Go ...

Empulse TT Stunting Go to Source

Permanent J1772 Connector

Has anyone mounted a permanent J1772 connector to their bike? I know rate of charge will still be limited by the 1.3kW onboard charger, however there's quite a few free points around Melbourne that would be great to take advantage of without worrying a… Go to Source

Brammo Enertia for sale

A clean green Enertia for sale in Portland. Go to Source

Error message DVT Software

Get from the DVT software an error messageand can not change the motor data !!!!Error memory and data and the status of controlles can I read out.Do I need a password Go to Source