Empulse R owner @ Antwerp Belgium (Ramses)

Hi everybody, I'm Ramses I live in Belgium and I bought a Empulse R!Here are some pictures i already captured.Mods already done are led lights everywhere and frame sliders [img width=180 height=135]http://s12…. Go to Source

World’s longest electric motorcycle trip

Motorcycle.com has just published this article regarding a trip through South America by Thomas Tomczky on his 2012 Zero S.  7,856 miles and counting!  Those 2012 Zeros just keep plugging along.     He is in Columbia right now (he should check… Go to Source

Motorcycle.com lives with a 2015 SR

Motorcycle.com has just published a long and thoughtful article describing a two-month evaluation of a luggage and PT equipped 2015 SR. Unusual  top box. I haven't seen one like that mounted on a Zero before. It also looks like Zero loaded them… Go to Source

Practically Brand New 2011 Zero S – Controller Area Network issue

Hi folks! I just got a pretty screaming deal on a 2011 Zero S (if it lives without issues).  The owner bought the bike from Zero and it sat in her garage until now because of an injury.  It has 350 miles on it. I've been riding the bike around for the … Go to ...

I’d like to buy an Empulse R

…or a regular Empulse. :0) I'm in socal. Please let me know! Go to Source

2014 Brammo Enertia Plus (electric)

San Francisco Brammo Enertia Plus for sale:  http://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/mcy/5154535890.html Go to Source


Recently upgraded to an HID headlight on my 2014 S. Ever since sometimes when I turn the bike on the display will not light up at all. Happens about 30% of the time. If I cut the bike off and on a cpl of times when will come back on like normal. I don'… Go ...

Be careful out there: Low SOC and power cuts

I made a trip to the mall yesterday and returned with 13% SOC on my 2014 SR. I didn't think an additional 6 mile trip to get some groceries was a big deal at all considering all but a few hundred yards was at 25-35 MPH. When I turned on the final 200 y… Go ...

2013 FX 5.7 for sale in GA dealer $5370 98 miles

see my post in the for sale section. Go to Source

zero Fx – video

A videoI I made from a beginner's perspective, showing how quiet & fun this bike is.Zero Fx 2014 Go to Source