2013 DC inlet charge limit

My 2013 DS model has a stated/confirmed 30 amp fuse limiting the current coming through the Anderson SB 75x port above the motor presumably leading into the battery compartment, whereas later models have a 100 amp fuse, allowing two Elcon chargers vs o… Go to Source

Utilize this outlet

Anyone have any input on how I can utilize this plug to charge my 2014 SR? Go to Source

New superconductor research

So what do you think?    http://spectrum.ieee.org/semiconductors/materials/how-a-microscopic-supercapacitor-will-supercharge-… Go to Source

Front Brake pads

I just replaced my wife's Enertia with fresh Avon tires (same original shoes).  I need to replace the front brake pads.  Here's the pad info.Galfer 1651 for Semi-metallic Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Go to Source

2016 Zero Lineup Announcement at AIMEXPO

Has anybody seen this article indicating the 2016 Zero Lineup is going to be announced Oct. 15 at the AIMEXPO? http://www.cycleworld.com/2015/09/29/aimexpo-zero… Go to Source

Tank bags for the power tank

So I have a power tank and I miss the handy storage nook quite a bit. Unfortunately all my tank bags are either magnetic or the proprietary SW-Motech clip-onto-the-fuel-cap type. I only have one ancient strap-type and the straps don't come close to fit… Go to Source

Zero 2014 SR Handlebar Risers

I'd like to sit a little more upright on my SR. Does anyone know exactly what size Risers to get? I'd like ones that raise the bars maybe and 1" OR 2". Maybe a direct website or specific ones? ThanksRic Go to Source

New Power Tank installed

Hi,As previously mentioned in some other threads, I've had a number of intermittent issues with my 2015 SR.  (I also had a couple of non-intermittent issues, a failed DC-DC converter, and a failed instrument cluster, but those were fairly straight-fo… Go to Source

2015 ZERO SR ZF12.5 SALE

If you're interested in purchasing the 2015 ZERO SR ZF12.5, a groupbuy website: GroupGets, has a great deal with Hollywood Electrics for an additional $800 in store credit. More information below.[url=https://groupgets.com/campaigns/140-2015-zero-sr-z… Go to Source

Petition the UK Government!

Hi all, I need five email addresses to start a petition to get the government to implement the subsidy on electric bikes. They promised it and didn't follow through – the excuse being a change of government it seems… That's pretty weak. If you live i… Go to Source