Helmet lock?

Is there a helmet lock on the 2015 SR I am missing, or is that an after market item? Or do people not lock their helmets anymore? Cheers–G Go to Source

Sudden major brake fade with organic pads

So back a couple months ago I swapped out the OEM semi-metallic HH pads on my 2014 Zero S to organic pads, and it greatly improved the braking modulation; with the OEM pads the bike had very abrupt braking, almost an on-off switch. So I was singing the… Go to Source

Mont Chaberton peak, (3136m) done with a 2013 zero FX

Hi Guys! For the European dirt-riders along you, the Mont Chaberton is maybe a known place to be at least once a lifetime.The peak holds an old ruin from the first world war. An article in German language can be found here: [url=https://westalpen.word… Go to Source

just another bad mark for zero

brought my ds to the dealer, a 40 mile drive, to get the power tank installed, was told it's about an hour job. 3 hours later guy comes out and says they can't get it to run, and zero tech wasn't answering phone. About what i expected. so now i gotta w… Go to Source

Took the Empulse R to the Smokies, including Tail of the Dragon

I trailered my 2014 Empulse R about 1600 miles combined there and back to Little Switzerland, NC, Asheville, NC and finally Robbinsville, NC to ride some of the choicest twisties on the East Coast. Combined I rode about 230 miles in 4 days. All killer,… Go to Source

Price on your 2015 Zero FX ZF5.7

Hi all. I'm new here. I attempted to search back through previous posts to ensure I'm not asking something that has already been answered.  Hopefully I didn't overlook a thread.  Anyway, as the subject says, I'm interested to know what people have been… Go to Source

GPS controlled chain lubrication, 1 Y update, 17,000 km

After riding the Empulse for one year now, rain, snow or shine, and 17,000 km on the odo. the chain and sprockets are still OK.17K by itself is not a noticable performance for an O-ring chain, but I only had to adjust it once, half a turn on the (shor… Go to Source

Hypothetically, if you could charge a zero in UNDER 1 hour

Hypothetically speaking here, if you could charge a zero in UNDER 1 hour how much would you pay for the charger? Also some things to keep in mind about this hypothetical charger, it fits under a power tank shell, weighs a little less than a power tank … Go to Source

Does anyone know what it takes to be a Zero dealer?

I know when you call the main office you can press three to ask about being a dealer but I didn't know if anyone on here had had one or worked for one.  I was thinking of an unusual concept for selling them and I have no idea what the buy in is, how th… ...

2010 Brammo Enertia for sale in Eugene/Springfield

Great condition. No mods. $3800 obo: http://eugene.craigslist.org/mcy/5236973868.html -Derek Go to Source