How big is the tank storage where the extra power goes?

Curious if you lose usable space, nearest dealer is 100 miles. Go to Source

Decal peeling off

Before I'm forced to drive a Brammo Mpulse… any suggestions on how to save the E? Go to Source

Check out this YOU TUBE Vid titled "Zero electric motorcycle Tesla upgrade"

Pretty cool project and good use of two non working units.  Really nice guy, I told him about this forum and I think he'll be joining soon. Go to Source

Check out this YOU TUBE VID titled Zero electic motorcycle Tesla upgrade

Pretty interesting project for all you EEs out there super nice guy.  I told him about the forum and I think he'll join soon. Go to Source

Tail removal

I'm currently in the process of blacking out my SR and can't for the life of me figure out how to remove the lower section of the tail plastic without damaging it. There's a couple of hex bolts which hold the stop light in, but they're in a super awkwa… Go to Source

power tank connection

i got the power tank with my 2014 ds, but no instructions. I have the battery mounted, but don't know how to hook up the wiring harnesses. been waiting a week to hear back from the dealer, and also tried the local dealer that just opened up here in tuc… Go to Source

Breaking News on Zero’s return to the UK!

Justin is going to hate me for being the person to break this… I've just received an email from Jason ( at StreetBike who has just spoken to Erik, who is the Regional Sales Manager for Europe at Zero Motorcycles.  I quote:… Go to Source

Fx rear tire

For some reason with only 3000km on my FX and rear tire is almost done    What kind of tires do you recommend. Is 140/70-18 too big for the rim? My FX has been working great and 2.5kw elcon charger is great for little longer trips also:) Go to Source

Log file parser utility

After a few cursory looks at the support logs that you can extract from the bikes with the Zero app + bluetooth connection, I thought I'd pop together a little utility to provide a nicer option than just viewing through a hex editor. It's still early d… Go to Source

Clickbait titled article, but be sure to read the comments This is written by Michael Uhlarik, the designer of the Amarok raci… Go to Source