Handlebar Riser Adaptors (for all models w/removable risers?)

The '13 MX seat on my dirt bike let me sit further back for easier standing and a lighter front end, but then I had to lean forward to reach the bars.  I needed more setback than the available 1-1/8" bars I found could provide, so I had these adaptors … Go to Source

won’t charge

Dash lights up but does not draw current, according to the readout.  This happened at my work, where there are several Level II chargers in the garage, so I tried a few of them, and then tried to charge at home off Level I, always with the same result…. Go to Source

Empulse Parts Fiche

Hey guys, is there an Empulse parts fiche out there somewhere? I have a bit of an oil leak on my bike and it looks like it's the left gasket. Just wondering if I can order the part ahead of time, so when I bring the bike in for inspection the part's al… Go to ...

Motorcycle Sport & Leisure reviews the Victory Empulse TT

The British magazine Motorcycle Sport & Leisure contains a two-page article (with a sidebar about riding the RR) regarding the new Victory Empulse, in their September 2015 issue, on pages 36 and 37.  The article is titled "Current performance", … Go to Source

Bought HIGHER TORQUE GEARING OPTION, any tips for replacing?

I bought the 25T HIGHER TORQUE GEARING OPTION for my 2015 DS. Any tips/instructions how to replace the current one? http://www.zeromotorcycles.com/sho… Go to Source

Insurance Options – Best Price Survey

I currently pay: $ 705.00 a year How I am currently covered:Bodily Injury: $500k/500kProperty Damage: $100kMedical Payments: No Coverage $0 (which I need to add)Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist: $500k/$500kComprehensive Deductible: $250Collision D… Go to Source

2013 FX 5.7 Driving lights options

Anybody installed LED Driving lights on their FX?   I have  set of high/low Rigid Industries D2's in route (in fact two sets) and accidentally submitted the order twice…arrggghhh.. anyway the plan is to wire them attached to the front forks just belo… Go to Source

Mission filing for bankruptacy

Here are Autoblog's comments regarding Mission Motorcycle filing for bankruptcy:  http://www.autoblog.com/2015/09/14/mission-motorcycles-powers-down-f… Go to Source

taking stock of Zero motorcycle design flaws

Zero's recent effort to sell off an overbuild of 2014 models with a offer to trade-in (and crush) "classic" models caused me to take stock of some of the faults of the 2011 XU that I bought.  It is no wonder they should want to get these things off the… Go to Source

Ride Apart speculates about the future of Victory electric motorcycles

Not a bad article.  They put some thought into this one:    https://rideapart.com/articles/victory-empulse-tt-just-2016-brammo-2 Go to Source