2013 FX 5.7 Headlight Options

I am never satisfied with the stock products that get put on most motorcycles – so my first project is to take a look at upgrading the efficiency of the stock headlight unit.   I pulled it tonight to test some options out and went ahead an bought a JW … Go to Source

Does anyone like Spokes (2014 DS standard with spoked vs alloy rims/wheels?

Curious to hear anyones take on why in this day and age of alloy wheels, anyone would want spoked wheels on their motorcycle.  I have spoked wheels on my 2014 DS, but i would trade them in a heartbeat if someone wanted to, especially ZERO.  I'm secretl… Go to Source

What is the ‘best’ way to charge my Zero?

Reading Xenoil's post about charging. My understanding is that the Zero's batteries should be charged to full after every ride. The charger is designed to not overcharge the batteries- even at 100% the cell voltage will be at some small amount below an… Go to Source

Mission Motors files for bankruptcy

Sad news for the electric motorcycle community.http://www.asphaltandrubber.com/news/mission-motorcycles-bankruptcy/ They were/are a great bunch of people and the bike was … Go to Source

solar charger at work?

Hi all, I'm trying to figure out if it would work to set up a solar panel at work to charge my Enertia. This is central Texas so there's plenty of sun. My question is, how much wattage do you need out of a solar panel to effectively charge the bike? … Go to Source

2014 DS Flat Rear Tire – Tips, Recommendations, and techniques?

My 2014 DS has been a dream and a blast for the past 13 months and 6500 miles all problem free.  Then, last week the 12 volt stuff all was out (in another post-fixed by replacing 4A fuse in back of battery box) and today, I ride home from work and find… Go to Source

2013 FX 5.7 Charging issue. Will only charge to 5.175KW is this normal?

Should I be concerned?  Thought it would charge to 5.7 KW – it will never go above 97%.  any ideas… Go to Source

Kowitz write-up from Miller

Arthur Kowitz wrote this on Facebook, I'm sharing it here: ace Report, Utah 2015….Hello again, race fans…Wanda and I endured the 2500 mile drive from home in Daytona Beach to the high desert of Salt Lake City. An unscheduled stop in Texas for truc… Go to Source

Board temp error @ 75mph

Think my bike might be a hazard to ride now Had it loose throttle response several times on way home. Each time got the 4 1 error for board temperature out of range. It hasn't rained for a week or more, the battery temp on app read 104, motor got u… Go to Source

Brake fluid hose wear.

I don't know if this has been mentioned before.  When I had the swing arm off the 2010 DS the other day, I noticed the brake fluid reserve hose had been wearing on the swing arm.  I used a couple of cable ties to hold it away now… I would replace the… Go to Source