Motorbiker throws in the towel

Mike Werner is giving up after 16 years of running his Motorbiker website.  You can read his story here:… Go to Source

My ’14 Zero S is getting a new motor

Hello fellow zero-ers, I've been thoroughly enjoying my 40km commute for the last three months on my Zero S but I hit a bit of a roadblock recently. Just wondering if any has come across this issue: – Rolling out of the garage on full State-of-Charge (… Go to Source

It’s Dangerous out There

It’s Dangerous out There Here’s some info on how well a Zero, my SR, survived. My bike was hit from behind a few weeks back somewhat north of San Francisco.Big question is – How well did the bike survive?The bike ended up on it’s right side. After su… Go to Source

What other bikes are much quicker than an SR?

This question was prompted by my SR just walking away from a 1000cc Yamaha sportbike the other day. This happened at three stoplights in a row. At the second stoplight I asked the rider how big his bike was he said it was a 1000. I'm pretty sure it was… Go to Source

Zero MX 2011 BMS

Hi Guys, Does anybody know how to disable the BMS on the 2011 MX. I checked all the cells and they seem fine. But When I put the battery in the bike it doesn't boot up and the throttle is disabled. Its an older bike that I'm looking to replace with a F… Go to ...

Zero to the rescue. How when Zero found out they did the right thing.

People on the forum probably know that I have been getting frustrated trying to source parts for a Dead Zero DS 2010 model that died 3 years ago and was left to rot…Plugged in but fried motor… Died during the warranty but was never followed up. Zer… Go to Source

Trolled a Gixxer

Went for a little night spin of my local loop. Coming back to the freeway, I'm at a light and an early 2000s GSX-R rolls up next to me. Guy's in full leathers, Kriega backpack, which is rare enough around here. Looks over and goes "Hey never seen one o… Go to Source

Juicer 3KW electric bike

Juicer is back with an updated model of their cool electric motor/bicycle:… Go to Source reviews Victory Empulse TT, proves again that they’re asshats

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