Dropped my Zero DS again… couple of questions

Hey everyone! Purchased a Zero DS 2014 slightly over a year ago. Over 12 thousand miles on the ODO, all in the Pacific Northwest.This week I had my second solo accident on the bike, pretty much the same as the first one in February this year :front w… Go to Source

12V Battery on the Zero?

Does anybody know if there is there a small 12V battery hooked up to the DC2DC converter on the Zero bikes? I am seeing behavior that I can't quite explain… I have Oxford heated grips and the heated seat from Zero on my 2014 S.  The Oxford heaterz wi… Go to Source

Looks like Zero will be at the Motorbike show at the NEC

Frikkin A! http://www.motorcyclelive.co.uk/manufacturer/zero-motorcycles/ (Give Zero some love on that page too! ) Go to Source

Agni Motor, burning out partial shorts, testing the experimental copper carrier

https://youtu.be/b4rwIr7ys7U This is an initial test of the experimental copper brush carrier.  The video also demonstrates the effects of partial shorts in the armature.  As they are blown out, the current of th… Go to Source

B6 error (HELP!)

I've been getting B6 errors for a couple of months on my '09 Enertia, but after turnining the key to off and waiting a couple of minutes it would go away. Now it won't go away and the bike will not turn on. I contacted Brammo service tech and was told … Go to Source

2016 Power Tank Still Using 24.5 Ah Cells

Why?!?! Because economics say so….but the engineers want to use the 28Ah Cells in the Power Tank (they would want more if they could get more)….and the rider who wants to go a few more miles wants the 28Ah Cells (again more if..yada yada yada)… Y… Go to Source

Sevcon handheld calibrator

Does anyone have any experience with, or input on this device? This place rents them f… Go to Source

Maryland Area Dealer Recommendations

Yes, I know how to search for where the dealers are.  The first two (in Bear DE or Annapolis MD) are about equal distance.   Other dealers are outside the range of the bike, but if there were compelling reasons to go with them, I'd consider it.   I fig… Go to Source

Exciting News for the UK Zero Market

This from Jason at Streetbike: Hi Tom, At long last here is some news from us here at Streetbike, it has taken a while to get everything together, just as we had the 2015 models priced and ready to send out, the 2015 models were reduced and the 2016 mo… Go to Source

For french speakers : electric two wheelers is a good solution for climate

Lots of figures & well to wheel comparison between electric motorbike using fuel based electricity & ICE motorbike. (Paying article, available at any newsstand in France [url=http://www.alternatives-economiques.fr/deux-roues-electrique–une-alternative… Go to Source