How long should the motor last?

I am just trying to crunch the numbers and find out how much this bikewill cost me over 3 years. Go to Source

2015 SR rebooting and now won’t charge

Anyone else seen a Zero "reboot" while stopped or at low speeds? Mine kept doing it more and more and then this morning I noticed it was charged to only 87%. Unplugged and plugged it back in and nothing happened, the charger is dead now. Just dropped h… Go to Source

Polaris to release Gem E4 vehicle with Brammo powertrain

Make sure to watch the product launch video, which requires you to put in name and email. GEM Launch Webinar GEM e4 – Battery opt… Go to Source

2014DS 12v power distribution still alive without key.

Hey guysA friend of mine has a 2014 DS. It is an ex demo of a local dealer.It has the described problem of not turning off the 12v line, so actually the only way to get it off is to remove the fuses, or the DCDC main fuse.Other than that the bike is… Go to ...

Good Price for a 2015 Zero SR Demo?

I'm looking around for a used 2015 SR and I can only find Demo bikes.  What is a good price for Demo bike with 400 miles on it? I see one on Cycle Trader in the California Central Valley for $~12,500.  Nothing wrong with it to my knowledge, but since I… Go to Source

GIVI side cases

Has anybody purchased the side case rack kit from Zero and used it to mount a different set of side cases from GIVI other than the ones offered by Zero? It seems like other side cases from GIVI should work but I don't have a store local where I could c… Go to Source

Screens and efficiency and range

Notwithstanding that we all know that a vetter is the best aerodynamic solution and as Terry has demonstrated, that range can be doubled by using one, I thought you might be interested to know the results of a real world test with small standard screen… Go to Source

2015 vs 2016 Zero S

Hi all.  Glad to see such an engaged and active forum.    Super excited to finally be buying an electric bike, but having a bit of a dilemma over whether to get the 2015 S vs. 2016 S.  The dealer is offering me their 2015 S demo bike (<3000 miles) w… Go to Source

My 2012 SR : 0-60mph 4.3s

Yesterday i took time to make some run and test the performances of my highly modified Zero 2012 and got interesting performances !!! I filmed everything with my smartphone in HD and then edited the video with Power Director and added a Stopwatch and s… Go to Source

Battery heater, power consumption?

Since it's below 10 celclus, I noticed that the power consumed is way higher than warmer days. On a 10hr charge during work, it consumed 30KW. At the end of my shift, BTL was 18 celcius. So I wonder what is the max power comsumption of this heater? Rig… Go to Source