Reverse switch addition

I've been getting PM's lately asking about the reverse switches I've added to my 2013 FX and e-trike (2013 drive-train). So I'm going to post the information that I have sent people here. I'm showing only what I did and I'm not making any recommendatio… Go to Source

AHRMA to make e-racing a permanent class

This is an interesting development:… Go to Source

Right turn signal flashing rapidly; Left is normal

So while riding in to work today I noticed that my right turn signal is flashing faster than my Left. I don't remember this being the case before. Is this pointing to a problem with the fuse or a bulb? Thanks! Go to Source

Rebuild Zero Mx 2009 Battery

Hello, i have buy a Zero Mx 2009 with nattery defect. the seller give de new molicel . How make rebuild de battery? Sory for my english, i speek a littel. thanks for you help Go to Source

2010 DS Agni Motor, brush carrier experiment.

Since I have about a week left before my 2010 DS goes to the great trade in crusher, I have been taking my last chance to experiment with the Agni motor, before I never see it again…  Hence building an experimental brush carrier from what was left of… Go to Source

2-4 flashing on my 2012 DS

Hi All Sorry to say after 10,000 km Im starting to get the issue of 2-4 fault code.  Cause: Battery Management System (BMS) Throttle DisableSolution: Contact Zero or your dealer. I was wondering if anyone has anything new for this issue. The bike had… Go to Source

’14 SR – Strange charger errors when not charging.

So my new 2014 SR has done less than 300 miles and I had an issue a couple of times with no regen at all in any mode, even when down to 84% SOC but a couple of reboots sorted it so I wasn't concerned but sent the logs to Zero as a precaution.  However ...

How do you store your Enertia during winter?

In Garage plugged in all the time or ……   Thanks Go to Source

seal oil leak at pinion

subirimagenes It is already recovered. the leak began after changing the rear tire at 7… Go to Source

2016 Zero motorcycle lineup poll

If you were to buy a 2016 zero motorcycle, which one would it be?? Please make a selection, I'm sure many of us are curious as to which one comes out on top… don't worry about which battery pack size just pick a 2016 Zero motorcycle platform. Go to Source