Importing 2014 Empulse R to USA from Europe [Italy or Netherlands]

Hey guys,      I am an active military member stationed in Italy and I am looking to pick up a leftover 2014 Empulse R from a dealer here in Europe. I would like to be able to bring this bike back with me next year when I return to the states. I was wo… ...

2012 to 2013 motor upgrade info

I've started this post to put together a list of items getting ready to start working on my winter project remotoring my 2012 DS with the new style Zero motors. Old motor[img]… Go to Source

County assessed value 2012 DS $12,175

Just got my 2015 personal property tax bill from the county. Assessed value of my 2012 Zero DS ZF9 is $12,175. Should I call the county Treasurer to see if he wants to buy it for that? Go to Source

Ruling out the Zero…

I was holding off to see the 2016 specs… So, let me get this straight. The main batter got almost unnoticeable larger, but now costs $3000. I can pay extra for a tank accessory to charge better, but then I have two on-board chargers on a very space-l… Go to Source

268 km/h for an SR?

So I was just playing with some numbers today on my 2015 SR. By measuring the circumference of the rear wheel I calculated the RPM of the motor at 160 km/h, which is about 6,000 rpm. The lightning motor does 10,000 rpm, if the Zero motor was spun at t… Go to Source

Anybody put any running lights on their Zero? PIAA, Denali, Clearwater..?

Just ordered a '15 S after a long demo including some night riding.  The stock headlight is okay, but I plan to upgrade that to an LED right away.  I'm also planning to add a couple of forkmounted conspicuity/driving lights to help illuminate dark curv… Go to Source

More concept electric motorcycles

It appears to be very easy to dream up interesting and innovate electric motorcycle concepts, now all they have to do is actually build production bikes and sell them to the public. That seems to be the hard part. Here are some of the latest:  [url=ht… Go to Source

No IPM motor on 2016 FX! … FXS or FX ??

It looks like the 2016 FX doesn't have the IPM motor…Why?  If i wanted the newer motor on the FX, would it be possible/worth it to get the FXS and put dual sport tires on it? How well will the smaller tires work for off road trail riding? Any dual sp… Go to Source


Time to change the thread to 2013-2016? Go to Source

Backward Compatibility

With the new 2016 line up unveiled, many of us are pouring over the new features, and some have mentioned the issue of backward compatibility before.  How high do you think it should be on Zero's list of priorities, and to what degree do you think new … Go to Source