Muscle e-scoot Standup that claims to kick a$$ on all those sissy scooters. Go to Source

Please check your steering head bearings

Brammo specifies to check your steering head bearings every 5000 k (+repack with grease)I discovered the bearings can develop play much sooner. Now I can jack up the front more easily with [url=… Go to Source

aftermarket Interest

Hey everyone! after searching the threads and joining up i was surprised to see that there didn't seem to be very many options in the aftermarket to address some of the shortcomings of the zero lineup. I think there is tremendous opportunity to provide… Go to Source

My shop has been waiting for over a month for parts.

I know this has be discussed before in other threads but it hasn't had a thread of its own. As some of you probably know I wrecked my bike pretty hard back in Feburary. Well I took my bike to the shop I bought it from back in August. Called to check in… Go to ...

2O15 Zero SR tire life

Hi, My 2015 SR (with the stock Pirelli Diablo Rosso II's) has about 6,500 miles on it now, and the rear tire is looking a bit long in the tooth.   I can probably get another 1k or 2k miles out of it, but some might replace it now.  (Flat highway stripe… Go to Source

Honda electric Super Cub

It looks like Honda is catching up with the Brammo Enertia: Go to Source

Zero FX Reliability

Hi everyone, I'm wondering how everyone's experience with the newer Zero FX has been.  I'm intrigued by the bike and would love to try one but I have one possibly big issue.  The closest dealer is about 8 hours away.  I have no problem going there to p… Go to Source

Where’s these left over 2014 bikes I hear about?

Anyone know a dealer or dealers with the actual bikes?  I'm ready to buy if I can find the right bike. Go to Source

Should I not buy a 2012 ZF6 (local one for sale on craigslist)?

I was getting excited about the possibility of getting one of these electric bikes affordably (asking $5k).  However, after reading some threads, it seems they have reliability issues until 2013.?? An feedback is greatly appreciated.  I was hoping to g… Go to Source

Empulse White Noise Racer

As I reported in my write-up from Miller, I half-way converted my 2014 street Empulse R to an eSuperSport race bike when my HVR bike broke in Race 1.  When I got the bike back to the shop, the prudent and logical thing would have been to convert it bac… Go to Source