2016 Zero SR, Application Woes

Picked up my 2016 SR from HollywoodElectrics yesterday, Carl was awesome and the bike was so much fun to ride home!  Planning on taking it out for fun today, and using it for my commute starting tomorrow! My only unfun came with the app on the iPhone. … Go to Source

Name That Noise Thread

My 2015 Zero SR just arrived last night after a Alabama to California trip and I went on my first ride up HYW 9 and 35.  Awesome cold ride. Nothing wrong here, but I noticed that stopped at a light with no throttle, the Zero will make a whirling noise … Go to Source

Charging cable security

When charging in public it isn't handy that the cable for the on-board charger cannot lock. The chances of running into a cleptomanic that collects power cables are of course super slim but it always happens just when need it the most. I'm not talking … Go to Source

S 2015 vs 2016

I will buy an S 9. or 11. this winter. Is there any reason to choose between the 2015 or the 2016?What, if any are the differences .Will there be discounts on last years models? Go to Source

Options for narrower/slick tyres for racing

I've been racing my SR for a while and have been thinking about running a set of Pirelli Diablo slick tyres. I currently run Dunlop Alpha 13 in 110 F and 140 R. Unfortunately there seems to be no manufacturer who makes slick tyres in the stock sizes – … Go to Source

"Cell balance" bounces around while charging

Is it normal to bounce from 2mv to 40mv to 30mv, back to 3mv in a matter of seconds?2013 stock DS Go to Source

Hello from Southern Oregon…

I just committed to a 2010 Enertia +. It should be perfect for my commuting needs. It's Aluminium with 3200 mi. Great forum! Go to Source

"welded contactor" error 2015 DS

So after only 2 short rides on my new 2015 DS (demo model) I'm getting the "welded contactor" error.  Waaah! Go to Source

2015 DS brake cable covering dash

So I just received my new 2015 DS this morning and went on my first test ride. Only major annoyance I have is that I can't see the turn signal indicators due to the brake cable that routes right over them. Has anyone found a quick fix for this? I mean … Go to Source

BMW GS with front wheel hub motor

Here is an interesting try at a 2-wheel drive hub motor lash-up.  Wunderlich (the huge BMW accessory retailer) has developed (just for fun, I assume) a new R1200GS LC with a hub motor-driven front wheel. Nothing like doing things the hard way. Installi… Go to Source