Zero live stream in DEC

Zero's Facebook page is showing a Livestreaam Dec 9th 2:30 – 3:30 PST.  I think Scott said this stream would be  more battery focused and technology for the IPM motors so all you EEs  get in there and ask away.  Address any ideas you may have for the f… Go to Source

DigiNow Super Charger First Impressions

Has anyone that got in an early order heard word about shipment?  We need an unboxing video, pictures and first impressions.  Also, where are you gonna go first that you couldn't go before? (or could but was unreasonable) Go to Source

Weak Front Brakes on New Oset 20R

Anyone else have an issue /problem with the brakes on these bikes? Brand new, squishy and almost to handgrip pull. I bled them when I first got it but it never felt Mountain Bike Strong. Hopefully it just needs another bleeding and I dont have to sourc…

Made a chart of the SR prices across different countries

Why? Why not Was a bit bored and pulled the data from the country specific sites. Prices are for a 2016 SR as stated on the site, in euros as converted today: Go to Source

Domino Throttle Installation

I got the Domino throttle onto the MX last week.  I like it!  The quicker action makes it a little easier to both accelerate & brake, with less arm pump.  It feels a bit faster too, which is surely my imagination. These were kinda hard to find for a wh… Go to Source

Slippery foot pegs

Hi, When riding in the rain (happens too often lately) I find that I lack a bit of grip with my boots.Anybody experienced the same?Any recommendations for more grippy pegs?Thanks. Go to Source

2015 DS wiring diagram

I'll be moving my Givi Maxia trunk with AdMore lighting from my 2012 DS to my 2015 DS soon. Is there a 2015 DS wiring diagram available? Is it same as Burton's 2013 diagram? -Jerome Go to Source

Good prices on ’15 models, SF Bay Area

I just got back from Contra Costa Powersports in Concord California where they have a '15 FX on sale for $8,999 and '15 SR for $13,995. The 2016's are due in next week and they are trying to get rid of the 2015's. The 2016's aren't that much improved o… Go to Source

whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on

Smooth roads – 50 mph.Touch tip of left front turn signal.Like a cell phone on vibrate. Handlbars? No shake, not even the tips.Mirrors? No shake. Right turn signal? No shake.Headlamp? no shake. I'm pretty sure that I've ever gone feel around befor… Go to Source

2011 DS – No errors, but won’t go

My 2011 DS has been completely reliable until one day a couple of months ago when I stopped at a traffic light and it wouldn't respond when the light went green – no error lights, but twisting the throttle had no response. Powering off and on had no ef… Go to Source