Tubeless tire plugging video

Here is a link to a video published by Bike Bandit showing how to plug a tubeless motorcycle tire using one of the sticky-string tire plugging systems typically sold in auto accessory stores for around $10 (without the CO2 cartridges)- or two to… Go to Source

Saddlebags and other storage

Hi folks – Looking at getting some rear or side carrying capacity for my 15SR in the slightly rainy but often damp climate of Seattle. No particularly dramatic storage requirements but I have a serious arty of pants and jacket and it would be nice to b… Go to Source

DSR 1st impressions

I have a 2012 S, 2013 DS and now a 2016 DSR. The amount of change in power and components is similar for each jump. I expected the power increase with the DSR but was pleasantly surprised the ride quality was much better. The suspension improved the mo… Go to Source

Range differences between a DS and S

So I've been looking around for a Zero 2014 or maybe 2015 if the price is right, and I noticed that there are some 2015 DS models for sale for about the same price of a 2014 S. I primarily want the S because it has a slightly better range but the 2015 … Go ...

Beware on 2014 sale units

Yesterday my charger blowed out… The symptoms are the ones repeated here…When I ordered the bike I insisted in having a "safe" or new non-defective, last batch charger in order to avoid potential issues…they laugh… Yesterday I was not laughing… Please… Go to Source

Dumb Question About Using the App to Set Custom Mode Parameters . . .

Getting to know my new 2014 'S (after trading in my totaled '12 S)  . . . I'd like to set the custom mode parameters with the App, but cant figure out how.In the app, on the settings page, the only mode that shows up is Eco, and you cant seem to togg… Go to ...

My DSR came in!

Thanks to Murphy I have to fly out of town for work so I can't pick it up for a couple of days. I shouldn't complain because my company has agreed to expand their employee EV incentive to motorcycles so I will be getting $2000 from them and hopefully $… Go to Source

2014 SR – no throttle response

So the SR is offline. Again. Went for a night twisties run with a few others yesterday. Pulled over for a rest but when we jumped back on the bikes the SR refused to go. Everything boots up normally, error codes 25 then 49 flash up ([url=http://electri… Go to Source

Found a C13 plug that you can use for public charging stations

Hi all, I've written around a bit and found a supplier near me that can produce cables that have on the charger side a L2 plug and on the motor side a C13(kettle plug) or a inlet for your own cable.Inside the L2 plug is build in IEC 61851 support so y… Go to Source

Eureka! Solution to overheating motors.

Humour me here… You know those trigger water sprayers for plants? Plastic Trigger Spray Bottle Plants Water Sprayer 500ML The trigger could be mounted on the left handlebar, just li… Go to Source