Zero in Australia clearing 2014 DS model

Received an email from Zero Australia offering what looks like 2014 model DS bikes for AUD14,500 if any Aussies are interested. From memory these bikes RRP was AUD19,990. They are available from any of the Australian dealers including the two new Procy… Go to Source

Hitch mount bike carrier?

I have a harbor frieght and tool hitch mount bike carrier. It was "cheap" and served its purpose for the old crappy bike. Now that I have the new hotness, I don't want to scratch it. Does anyone recommend a particular brand mounting strap and or hitch … Go to Source

Zero Motorcycle and defibrillators and pacemakers?

Anybody got any information about a person with a pacemaker or an in-chest defibrillator (or one of the combo units) as it relates to riding a zero (like a 2014 ds).  Is there any official position on this, or does anyone have any info (informal, offic… Go to Source

Brammo Enertia for sale in Bend, Oregon Craigslist

See the ad here: 2010 Brammo Enertia – $3800 (Springfield) 1,200 miles on the odo. Go to Source

Alice’s Restaurant Zero news

So I was up at Alice's Restaurant (a motorcycle rider hangout located at the junction of State Highways 35 and 84 in the Santa Cruz Mountains, south of San Francisco, which is located about 50 miles north of the Zero factory) this morning and one of th… Go to Source

2012 ZF9 charging upgrades

trying to upgrade a 2012 Zero ZF9 charging to give quicker charging. Does anyone know what the standard charge up time is for that model year to 100% and 80%, And what options are available to reduce charge time? Does the J1772 adaptor actually reduce … Go to Source

Justin’s Elcon

A little video I took on Sunday at Streetbike: Go to Source


My daughter just called me to let me know that the 2012 ZF9 S that I gave her cut its power while she was riding on the freeway at 110 kph. (I have no idea why she has the instruments set to metric. I guess she likes to think she is riding her BMW R65L… ...

fx parts layout

a couple months ago i stumbled upon a catalog online of all the parts broke down on the bike in pdf form,  i can't seem to find that catalog anymore.  has anyone seen one?  it is from the zero company and shows every nut and bolt you can get the part n… Go to Source

fx spokes

hello everyone, i have been reading this forum for a few months now…i purchased an new zero 2014  fx  in august this year, and it has been great.  i had a kawasaki 250 endure before this and let me tell you….the difference in power is night and day… Go to Source