BMW S1000RR Electric Superbike

Look what I found Found this on M… Go to Source

2013 to 2014 SR motor swap

Figured I would start a new thread for this as it is bound to be picture heavy. I will be sure to add it to my content post (found in signature) later. Motor in box, from guess who? It was the last one … there are no more now.[url=… Go to Source

I may have had an accident. ;)

No not a traffic accident. But I might have tripped over at my dealers and accidentally brought an SR with Power Tank… It was an accident I tell you (and told my Wife… ) Go to Source

2014 DS wheel seals

My non-Zero mechanic said my front bearings need replacement due to rust, and he would like to replace the seals as well.Well, bearings have the part number, but seals don't. Has anyone replaced the seals and can recommend some source ? Go to Source

ixxat usb to can for sale.

Someone is selling them dirt cheap and has plenty of them….Just and FYI payed 300 for mine. http://… Go to Source

Victory Isle of Man TT Zero Racebike Test Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk Go to Source

Clicking while plugged in??

I started to hear a clicking noise coming from inside, almost like a clock ticking.  I never noticed it before.  Also it only happens when connected to power.  If I unplug the power, it doesn't click any longer.  Not sure if this is normal or a sign of… Go to Source

Is the ZF2.8 Power Pack Module for FX the same as Power Tank ZF2.8?

Does anybody know if the ZF2.8 Power Pack Modules Zero sells for the FX are the same as the ZF2.8 packs that come with the Power Tank option for an S/SR/DS/DSR?  Are they at the same voltage? Same connectors? Size? I am wondering if I could buy a ZF3.3… Go to Source

Racing a Zero SR – new web site for EVtricity

Some of you may be aware that I race a 2014 Zero SR on the track in the Australian electric Formula Xtreme Challenge. I've created a web site with details about the Zero customisations, race reports and photos. It's located at [url=… Go to Source

Electric trials bike article

I had never heard of the French company Electric Motion that is building electric trials bikes, but Clean Rider reports that they will be announcing 4 new models at the EICMA show in Europe, which looks like they will include a street bike or tw… Go to Source