DS Front fender bouncy

I did a search for this, but only saw people wanted to change the fender to something else and 1 wheel out of true. Maybe that's my issue, but it's a new bike (40miles).  Do people reinforce the fender or is the spoke wheel really out of true from the … Go to Source

Zero FX foot pegs

Anyone knows which foot pegs fit the FX beside those made by zero motorcycles? Are they similar to any other motorcycle's brand? Thanks Sent from my E6653 using Tapatalk Go to Source

Prepared the Empulse for the Cold Days (Snow Tyre, Isolation Blanket)

Although it is the warmest November day ever, inevitably winter will come.After 20K km. it is time to replace the rear tyre. This is a record for me, on ICE bikes I hardly get to 10K. where 2.8K was the worst and 12K the best rear tyre. To be prepared… Go to Source

Side case rack kit installation instructions

Guys, Does anyone have a copy of the instructions ? My kit didn't have one included, and it's apuzzle to solve. P.S. Sent an e-mail to the dealer, but I'm not sure when they will get back to me. Would liketo complete the installation this weekend. Go to Source

Insurance in Ontario

Anyone here have insurance in Ontario?  I got a quote from TD insurance for a 2015 Zero FX and somehow, it's rated as a 650cc according to underwriting's best guess.  650 seems pretty high and rhis shoots up my cost to 1250$ a year.  Where do you guys … Go to Source

I got me one! 2013 DS

Im officially new Off the truck and into a little bit of mud haha.  Not that I wanted to get it dirty right away. It just rained last night. Now to wash it off and my back! Go to Source

Zero FX fender eliminator kit

I would like to install a fender eliminator kit on my 2015 Zero FX. Has anyone had any experience with this and know where I can purchase one? I looked at several web sites but could not find any specific kits for Zero. If anyone has done this please s… Go to Source

The first 2016s for sale in Elk Grove CA

Cycle Trader has 4 bikes 2 SRs and 2 DSRs already listed in Sacramento Ca. Get em while their fresh. Go to Source

2014 vs 2012

For those of you who've owned both a 2012 and 2014, what do you like better about the 2014? What did you like better about the 2012? I'm considering the Zero trade-in deal, but don't want to have buyers remorse. Things I'm afraid I might not like about… Go to Source

Streetbike’s 2014 DS Police Bikes

I rang in and Charlie mentioned they had orders for three already. They're getting four shipped over so there'll be an extra one in stock. Tempting! Go to Source