How do you primarily charge your Empulse?

Just what the title says. Curious to see how people are charging their Empulses "in the wild". If your primary means of charging is a 120V socket – would you have rather purchased the bike with a smaller onboard charger? Let's say a 1 kW charger simila… Go to Source

App reading only 14.5 kWh on S (13kwh) with power tank.

Just picked up my 2016 S with power tank. At 100% state of charge the app only reads 14.5 kWh. Anybody have an idea about this? The website specs say it should be 15.9 kWh (but it also lists on the website that nominal charge is 14 kWh on the website)… Go to Source

Do Zeros get jealous?

My 2015 FX is dead! Worked flawlessly until I parked the 2016 FXS next to it. Now it is dead, no click, no power, nothing! Checked fuses in fuse box and 25a fuse on harness. All looked ok visibly, did not check w/ meter. Checked power outlet, cord, sw… Go to Source

2015 S – Accident and Parts

I was hit on my Zero S by a car changing lanes without signalling/checking blind spots yesterday.     I escaped with a bruised ankle, but the right side handlebar on the bike was bent so I'd like to replace the bar and the throttle grip.  Any recom… Go to Source

2015 SR + Powertank expected range

Hi Guys; Picked up my 2015 SR the other day from Street bike, and so far absolutely love it. I got the power tank on the basis that on my commute is around 70 miles or so, of around 75% 70mph, and the rest around 30 or so. In terms of hills, I live in ...

Where is Gavin?

I really miss his Brammo blog and parking violations he shared with us.Are you still lurking around or have you parted from your Empulse? Go to Source

Ultimate Motorcycling gives a good review Go to Source

Upgrading brakes

Wondering if anybody has advice as to the benefit or drawback of doing dual rotor front brakes on the zero 2016 S with power tank. I just traded in my 2012 S. I'm a safe driver, however am always looking for utmost safety because my career depends on m… Go to Source

Power Cut at 14% SOC and other Low SOC Niggles

So Saturday I am riding my 2014 SR the 67 miles from my Zero dealer to home. A few miles from home and I am down to 14% SOC and the power gets cut so I can only do 25 MPH. This happened once before and when it got down to 10% SOC it dropped ...

Whoops I did it again – 2015 SR Purchased!

Actually the family did it again – my son bought his his own 2015 SR. Motivators in addition to not wanting to share – Year End Pricing coupled with Federal Tax Credit. Winter storm rolling overhead today we loaded it into the back of a pickup this mo… Go to Source