Order plastics online?

Does anyone know where I can order some replacement plastics and have them shipped?  i don't stay in one place long (day/days) so ordering at a dealership is a pain. Go to Source

IXXAT USB to CAN Compact RJ45-OBD2 cable setup

Hi, I just bought the Sevcon interface, should be in my hands in a few days    (model 1.01.0088.XXXXX V 1.5) and was wondering if any of you are familiar with the RJ45-OBD2 cable/connections setting. I have also bought this cable, but I suspect it mi… Go to Source


Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the 2011 Zero XU?  It's not in the user's manual and I'm having trouble finding one online. Thanks very much. Go to Source

Wind chill

Here is an interesting article by the on-line retailer Bike Bandit regarding wind chill:  http://www.bikebandit.com/blog/post/the-wind-chill-myth Go to Source

Opticoat our plastics

So my tesla is opti coated and I love it.  It's very hard to scratch and makes the surface glossier.  From what I've read the opti coat chemically bonds with the clear coat.  Since the Zeros aren't clear coated I am guessing this wouldn’t work but then… Go to Source

DigiNow Super Charger Eligible for 30% Federal Tax Credit

As someone who purchased a Zero S in 2014 I'm a little bummed that our elected officials in the U.S. would leave me and others like me out in the cold regarding the 10% federal tax credit on EV's. But I cheered up a little when I was looking at Zero's … Go to Source

Anyone want a free 2012XU? I’ve given up

Hi folks So, we've given up on the pile of garbage that Zero sold us. If anyone needs the details (and if you're thinking of taking up this offer, make sure you read the details)  – our story is covered in these posts: [url=http://electricmotorcyclefor… Go to Source

Off-the-grid inverter options?

Has anyone found a solution for using a 2013+ Zero S/DS/SR monolith battery as an off-the-grid power source / as an emergency AC power source? I found this inverter thing poking around online:htt… Go to Source

Heated clothing battery connection

Hey folks: New user so be gentle if this topic has been touched on before. (I'm still catching up on the old messages) I have a 2015 DS and I just dug out my old heated clothing from storage. They were set to connect to a 12v battery on a regular bike…. Go to Source

How does zero deal with packs at different voltages?

How does zero deal with packs at different voltages? Lets say for example I have a zero FX, and I put in one fully charged pack, while the other pack is discharged… how does it pull power from both when they're at different levels?Does it just use t… Go to Source