2016 DSR – no dash display

I can ride it, but I don't have any indicator for battery level or my current speed etc.. I'll take it in on Tuesday as my shop is closed on Sun/Mon. Anyone seen this on your bike? Did they have to replace the dash display? Go to Source

Empulse Real World Range

Hey guys, I recently went to a dealer selling the Victory Empulse and they seemed to miscommunicate the range of the bike.  How do you answer the question "how much range does it have?" I'd like to go back and help them communicate this important featu… Go to Source

3D scan of partially disassembled Zero SR ’15

I've been toying around with my Kinect sensor and some SW for some projects that I've been working on (to be posted in subsequent threads) and did a scan of my partially disassembled bike. It's a bit rough around the edges but it allows me to make the … Go to Source

Solar charging your zero

Has anyone done this with some type of portable charger?  Obviously if you have solar panels on your roof this is no problem to do but I was wondering if any type of portable panel would do any charging of these bikes.  Looking at these panels they app… Go to Source

Load sqeak when i sit down…

Hello Having recently bought a 2015 SR, and patiently waiting to the spring for driving lessons, i have exercised using the bike at slow speeds in the nearby parking lot. At the present since we have had days of ice and snow, there are a lot of gravel… Go to Source

problems: second gear up to third

Hello, I have problems lately with the gearbox, when I have to climb from second to third, especially with the cold engine. Has always been a little delicate move from second to third but is now almost impossible, I have many dead spots, and I can not … Go to Source

Zero FXS questions

So I have been researching the heck out of the Zero FX as a supermoto ever since I stumbled across a '14 on ebay with a supermoto kit.I am familiar with EVs and have built a few, and I lived my 20s on motorcycles. Mostly sportbikes, dirtbikes and supe… Go to Source

Sportbikes banned at Pikes Peak

Time to change your handlebars if you want to race:  http://www.autoblog.com/2015/12/17/pikes-peak-bans-sportbikes-motorcycles/ Go to Source

Is 10% Federal Tax Credit Back?

“Section 183. Extension of credit for 2-wheeled plug-in electric vehicles. The provision extends through 2016 the 10-percent credit for plug-in electric motorcycles and 2-wheeled vehicles (capped at $2,500).” Go to Source

Searching for a vx1 ESD charger if anyone has one

Would anyone have a vx1 ESD charger for sale Go to Source