Left Hand Rear Brake Install

anyone have any experience installing a left hand rear brake on my MY15 FX? I have a kit but I have no idea where to plug all this stuff up at, specifically since I would like to keep the ABS and the foot brake lever if I can. Go to Source

My apologies, topic deletion & bye for now.

This morning I created a new topic in this category which wasn't helpful.  It was a question that I thought would generate some interesting comments and I was certain that someone would be able to answer it.  On both counts I was correct as it happens…. Go to Source

2015SR refuses to go, or capture logs

Woke up this morning, took the bike of the charger, feathered the throttle to get it out of the yard and then as I reached behind me to close the gate, it stopped supplying power and the green go light disappeared Now it just blinks the warning ligh… Go to Source

Is the BMS evil?

Ahem… Something just occurred to me which I feel I should share with you even at the risk of fueling anxiety around charging. If you are a fellow OCCD sufferer, do not read on! Imagine you are an electrical engineer that served your apprenticeship wi… Go to Source

FastAce fork oil change / spring replacement, part 2

This is an update to my other FastAce fork thread of 8/17/15 (I've left out the disassembly info here, as it's all over there).  The 18-23 lb/in springs and 3W oil installed at that time were working well, but after the springs bedded in the sag was ex… Go to Source

KTM CEO interview discusses the Freeride E

KTM's CEO was interviewed by Cycle World magazine in their January/February (two months?) 2016 issue on page 36 of the magazine.  He has this to say about the Freeride E: "We were thinking that the buyer would be the young mountain-bike guy o… Go to Source

2015 SR Front Suspension WAY Too Stiff

I'm trying to set the front suspension sag to the specified 45 mm and I have the pre-load all the way backed out and still too stiff. I have had my 2015 SR for a couple weeks and I am finally getting around to checking the suspension settings.  I looke… Go to Source

A "detuned" Zero for the Euro market

Here is a report by Cleanrider regarding a 125cc-equalivant Zero for the European market. I guess I missed the announcement, but it makes sense if they can find young customers that have enough money to purchase a low-power S or FXS at full-powe… Go to Source

2015 DS Engine shocks after ‘cold start’

When I turn on the bike after a few hours standstill and I ride away, the engine shocks a few times like it turns on and off. After a few meters, the shocks disappear and I can ride normal without a shocking engine. Does anyone else had this experienc… Go to Source

Is there an alternate quick charger Y adapter cable?

Does anyone have an alternate to the Quick Charge Y Adapter? I feel like $250 for a cable is a bit much. Go to Source