New to forum; adopted a 2016 DSR yesterday!

I've been on the fence for three years; traded up my Piaggio MP3 yesterday for a 2016 DSR. I'm adding a top box and some heated grips, because I need to store my helmet and I ride year round in Seattle. Any other accessory or enhancement suggestions I … Go to Source

Useful resources on Zero bikes

How do you feel about sharing links to useful content in this thread? This forum is full of great information and considered discussions but newcomers won't know where to start or even what to search for. Old topics tend to get buried and only those th… Go to Source

Zero’s stand at the UK bike show

Hats off to Zero and Streetbike for managing to have a stand at the NEC this year. It's all a bit last minute due to the dealership arrangements. I don't think the fact that there has been an exhibition in Paris at the same time has helped much either…. Go to Source

I’m taking the plunge!

Many of you have probably wondered whether I'll ever join the ranks of forum members that own a Zero. It has been a long journey for me but today I managed to make the call I've got so close to a couple of times before. When the Police spec DS bikes we… Go to Source

News on the UK subsidy

Jason at Streetbike told me they got some news in this morning. Unfortunately I was on my mobile walking through the city and I didn't catch much of what he told me. I got the gist that something is going to happen soon though. I think it might have th… Go to Source

Pressure Transducer Problems

Pressure Transducer woes … Yesterday while riding home I rolled off my throttle to have my bike starting to regen … it is programmed not to as I have a footbrake programmed clutch for regen control. It did this for about 1/4th of my trip (or 1/2 … Go to Source

10 motorcycle TV commercials from the 1970’s

Just for fun, here is an article published by the California on-line motorcycle accessory company Bike Bandit showing 10 old, mostly goofy, Japanese motorcycle TV commercials from the 1970's. Too bad they don't make commercials like this anymore… Go to Source

Luggage rack, for 2012 DS?

Suggestions, who, how, where? I guess some of the trim for Zeros of this era were batch-produced – with variations from initial prototypes. The rear fender on mine is a good example.  It's fiberglass or fiberboard – obviously intended for the bike, wit… Go to Source

Crazy maybe impossible idea for a touring Zero

Ok feel free to laugh, shoot down, or just roll your eyes.  What I'm thinking of would be way too complicated and much too expensive for practical use.  More of a demonstration of what could be than what is a good product.  Maybe Terry or Ben or some o… Go to Source

My new 2016 zero SR

I've been reading about Zeros for months now, A dealer here in Las Vegas finally got the 2016 in and I was able to pick it up. Go to Source