36T rear

I know… the general trend is to go to a 42 T rear BUT considering my bike has become mostly track only I've noticed I dont really use 1st or 2nd gear ever.   So I'm going to try going between the stock 38T and the 36T this weekend down in florida and… Go to Source

And…Corbin Seat? 2012 Zero DS

I just bought it – it was a demonstrator for a dealer that gave up his franchise.  Came with a Corbin seat. I didn't realize at the time that they came in two heights.  This one is almost-certainly the low one.  Now, I'm a tall guy. I see Corbin doesn'… Go to Source

Salt Bath for my new-to-me DS

I found a bargain of a 2012 Zero DS, 300 miles from home.  The small dealer wanted to get it out of his store and off his books before the end of the year…so he said.  Given the snow, testing was minimal – across the showroom lobby – but I had had a … Go ...

Side Case Rack from 2013 to 2016 DS?

Has anyone moved a side case rack from a 2013 or 2014 to a 2015 or 2016 DS? They have different part numbers but I don't know how different they are. My 2013 is not back from the factory yet with a new battery so I can't try it on my DSR. If it won't ...

Brammo Enertia Plus in Austria

Hi I am sellling my Enertia Plus (12/2012) with 10.000 km. Everything is fine, great bike. Reason why I sell is that I switched over to electric scooters Price is €4.900 which I think is a great deal for you. [img width=600 height=450]http://www.bikemi… Go to Source

Waterproofing the console

Has anybody else had problems with condensation in their console/dash/tachometer (what are we calling that thing anyway?)If so, what are recommended solutions for preventing that from happening? This is what vtbrammorider said about the issue: [quote … Go to Source

Jay Leno reviews electric bicycles

This is a fun video. Jay Leno checks out the Vintage Electric bicycles in this episode of his Garage series:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCPy0d2KRSc Go to Source

Melbourne (Australia) cheap DS

In case anyone here is interested, it sounds like Mototecnic have a new (assuming ex-demo) black 2014 DS still available for $15,490 on road. Go to Source

What is your Zero’s Cell Balance?

Was interested to know what cell balance figures people have when they check the Zero App (Battery 2 tab). My 2014 SR 11.4kWh battery started out quite low (<10mV) but since I exclusively use 2 x 2kW fast chargers (to take the voltage to 116V) I've fou… Go to Source

2013 FX hill climb comparison

LOL I'm always couple of years behind the curve but i finally have moved into the 2013 bike with my first FX. I've been wanting this machine for a while. It probably the best bike for my riding style. Dirt and more dirt. The 2012 DS was good and i love… Go to Source