Why is trail measurement on Zero bikes so low?

I've always been intrigued by how low the trail figures are on Zero bikes – 80mm on the SR/DSR/S/DS with a relatively common 24 degrees of rake (steering angle). With most sports bikes running around 95mm of trail I would expect the Zeros to be very tw… Go to Source

Loud pipes save lives?

Help me out guys. Just before Christmas I bought myself a present, a Leo Vince slip-on for my Honda NC700. It is not obnoxiously loud but it is much louder than the stock pipe which made the bike sound like a sewing machine. The Honda really wasn't muc… Go to Source

ABS disable and the owner’s manual.

I am trying to figure out how to safely disable the ABS because it really sucks in the dirt. The 2016 FX came with a 2015 book in which I have found many inconsistencies and just plain false information. The way the book says to disable the ABS on the … Go to Source

My first Sunday ride on my DS

Thanks to doing a lot of biking over the last four years or so, I've got a pretty good feel for the lay of the land near where I live. Therefore, it wasn't difficult to come up with a nice little circular route that would give me a good couple of hours… Go to Source

Chain vs belt on fx 2015

Hello I broke my Fx belt on a harder jump landing so i thought it was a good idea to switch to a chain kit, what I did. But disappointment is high because of very loud noise and loss of power. Not anymore this gliding over the road feeling and you re… Go to Source

Zero fx ABS question

Hi,I've recently took a couple of zeros ('16 fx and fxs) for a short test ride, and was really disappointed with the brakes.On good dry asphalt and stock tires, ABS engaged early and braking power was very week.On the fxs unit, rear braking was espe… Go to Source

Momentary error flashing while charging starts

Have you guys experienced this?It happens to me from time to time…when I plug the charger after a couple of seconds I see dashboard red warning signal flashing momentarily and then it stops…Do you guys know what this is?It may has something to do wit… Go to Source

Electric touring in the American Motorcyclist magazine

The February issue of American Motorcyclist, the monthly magazine of the American Motorcycle Association, contains a great 4-page illustrated article, written by Ben Rich (AKA benswing), describing his tour on a 2014 Zero traveling from Washingt… Go to Source

That prevents you from going to more speed ?

Last January 16 was one year my Empulse E1. It has 12700 kms . and now that we have some more information , such as battery temperature , I wonder , what is the factor that keeps the bike in winter can'nt take the maximum speed than you can get in the… Go to Source

Helmet cleaning and care

Here is a link to a useful article published by BikeBandit explaining how to clean and care for your helmet: http://www.bikebandit.com/blog/post/how-to-cle… Go to Source