Using the Zero app.

I searched and found nothing so here goes….I have a 2016 FX 6.5 and after reading the supplied 2015 FX 5.7 manual and finding nothing, I am having a little trouble figuring out the Zero app for setting the 'custom' mode. I realize it will say 'ECO' w… Go to Source

Air Cooling Duct for Zero SR/S/DS

A few days ago I posted some photos of a sheet-metal air duct I made for my 2014 SR on the Zero Motorcycles Owner's Group on Facebook. By popular request I am presenting a project summary here. **Please note that I have placed links to all the project… Go to Source

Commuting to London on a Zero

…and so it begins. Rather fitting that my first commute was at zero degrees Celsius! My bike managed to fully charge last night, despite it being below zero when I plugged it in. All components were warm after my ride home but there was a chance that… Go to Source

Fast charging DS MY2015

So it has become time to start spinning up the wheels for my DS '15 fast charging project. I've planned a lot with information on this forum but it is hard to keep track of all kinds of topics where the information is and sometimes it is hard to find t… Go to Source

Another 2014 DSP on the road.

Ta Dah! The VFR has gone to pastures new, long live the DS! Or DSR if you go by appearances… In order to de-police a DSP, Zero supply a new wiring loom and tank panels. The panels that went on my bike are for a DSR. I know the DS is usually orange or… Go ...

Buying when living outside the range of a Zero dealer?

With the federal tax incentive back, I almost had myself convinced to buy a Zero SR.  Now, we're moving to Augusta GA this summer.  Nearest dealer is 150 miles away.  That means the purchase, any warranty work, any anything dealer related would involve… Go to Source

Off board charging

So I started on my off board charging conversion.  Here is how to take everything off:[/url… Go to Source

Rear Brake Flasher

I'm shopping around for a strobe modulator for my rear brake light.  I'm seeing prices anywhere between $10 and $70. Does anyone have a suggestion? It has to be small enough to fit under the seat of an FX. Go to Source

torturing a Zero

If you would like to see a Zero tortured you can follow Aerostitch's attempt to freeze one to death. I will be really surprised if it makes it through the winter: Go to Source

Zeros in the cold

Aerostitch is riding an FX all winter in Duluth MN! Here is a link to the article. I can't wait to see how they fare with charging in cold weath… Go to Source