Dashboard issue

Last Friday, my beloved Enertia+ started acting up again. This time it's the dashboard. When it starts, all lights are on and the display is backlit (but not always with the all pixels on black as it should). Then after a few seconds, the dash looks li… Go to Source

Getting Skinny – FX & FXS diets?

in the process of selling off all my ICE bikes and as soon as i do, there will be a new FX in my garage. been thinking/looking at ways to save weight and decrease power draw. my question for you guys is, who has put their bike on a diet? what did you p… Go ...

Rear shock adjustment – 2014 DS

So c'mon…. Someone out there must have found a way or a tool to actually get to the rear shock spring preload adjustment collar surely? It just doesn't feel right using a long punch, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to make a tool work i… Go to Source

Brammo Club Netherlands – Booth on Motorcycle Exhibition Utrecht

Like last year we are presenting our Brammo's on the annual MOTORBEURS UTRECHTWe will create awareness among the visitors about the existance of Electric Motorcycles and the beauty of the … Go to Source

Delta QuiQ 96v

Got a free QuiQ from zero when they lowered prices last year. When I plug it in it flashes 9 times on the 80% (charge algorithm), then goes into fault mode two flashes which indicates low battery voltage. I have "reset" unplugged it several times with … Go to Source

2015 French electric motorcycle/scooter sales

Here is the sad news from France.  Apparently they prefer scooters to motorcycles when it comes to electric power:  http://cleanrider.com/2015-sales-… Go to Source

New to eBikes: Charging Questions

Hello, I am a new member to this forum after stalking for awhile.  Not an eBike owner yet but wanting to explore the possibility of owning one in next 12 months. One thing that stands out for me (as a member of several forums) is the "general" respect … Go to Source

how to remove handlebar ends/caps

Short question; How do i remove the ends of the handlebar of my DS?There are no screwes. I want to fit new mirrors because the original ones just dangle in the direction of where the wind is going…  Anyone else or just my experience? Great for range… Go to Source

Sudden drop in State of Charge.

Funny thing happened to me on the way to work today…The State of Charge went from 20% right down to 0% in one go! The bike lost power, but I had enough speed to get off from the fast lane onto the shoulder. Whew. After restarting the bike, the So… Go to Source

Joys of Winter Riding

Description of "fun" event:Went to work this morning after speed charging the bike to about 85% to prewarm the battery up. Got to work, shut off the bike, plugged it in, realized I wanted to keep my gloves warm while they sit on bike and resta… Go to Source