Electric motorcycle article

Here is an interesting and thoughtful article discussing the history, progress and future of electric motorcycles:  https://www.canadasmotorcycle.ca/redpower/are-elect… Go to Source

Lights cut out

Hi Guys; I was riding home last night and had the entire lighting system cut out on my Zero – no main beam, no indicators, no dash lighting, and I'm assuming no rear light. Was pretty terrifying as it was pitch black on a busy dual carriageway. After a… Go to Source

Think this sprocket is due for replacement.

After 20 K it looks like it is time for a front sprocket replacement. I bought from my dealer an original 12 t front sprocket.Number SL-07-12 It looks like a renthal 287-520-12can anyone verify? I kept the original chain and rear sprocket (only 20 K… Go to Source

3 day test ride on a 2016 DSR

Some of you will have seen my findings so far on another topic  http://electricmotorcycleforum.com/boards/index.php?topic=5190.new;topicseen#new But it seemed s… Go to Source

Ford’s future EV plans

An article in my newspaper today, published by Wheelbase Media, reports that Ford will invest $4.5 billion into is EV program over the next 5 years.  By 2020, the company says, 40% of its nameplates will offer electrified versions of their vehicles.  T… Go to Source

Newbie trying to fix 2012 Zero S slow acceleration

My 2012 Zero S recently developed a problem: it is accelerating much more slowly than normal in each mode (Eco and Sport), even when fully charged.  I had left it parked outside, and one time when I passed by, I noticed the tailbag had been opened and … Go to Source

2016 E-Moto Buying Guide

http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1101556_2016-electric-motorcycle-buyers-guide Go to Source

Touring the Isle of Man

Nice island and countryside.  Could use a few more strip malls, though. Also kind of noisy.  You might want to turn the volume down.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFJSVtsckyI Go to Source

Zero Motorcycle Insurance – UK

My heart sank when the first quote I got came to almost £400! That's almost as much as I'm paying for my VFR! Fortunately I stumbled across thebikeinsurer.co.uk which lead to a quote for £241 from wickedquotes.co.uk. Bennetts, my current insurer, were … Go to Source

Riding Pikes Peak

Here is a fun video to watch on slow winter days:    https://rideapart.com/articles/pikes-peak-pov-really-fast-commentary Go to Source