DC charger/converter? (Think off grid solar/bank)

Has anyone come up with a way to transfer juice from an off grid system to the bike?  Go to Source

Free 12.5 kW battery in my 2013 DS

Thanks ZERO! I had a bad BMS that was replaced but the 11.4 kW battery would not charge fully so my dealer worked with the factory and had it shipped and a new 12.5 kW battery installed. The only problems were it took a couple of months but could have … Go to Source

Wider belt

Has any one done this yet? Two rear sprockets facing one another and a wider front pulley running two belts or 1 wider belt. Just a crazy idea that popped into my head just now. Going out to garage straight away to see if there is enough space on the f… Go to Source

FXS front brake pulsating

Finally got to ride the FXS properly today but the front brake is pulsating like a motherf**ker! Seems worse at low speed while gently applied. Not the ABS, it feels like the rotor is made out of two different materials! Same brakes as the S/SR I think… Go to Source

Screen protection

Owned my 2015 SR for about 6 months.I was reading a post about someone who touched his screen with a gloved hand and left a permanent mark on it.Tablet or I-pad protector film is the best way to go but it can be quite difficult to cut to the right sh… Go to Source

Higher Speed Gearing Option FXS

Hi everyone, I bought a new Zero FXS and have a question regarding the higher top speed gearing option.On the forums here, I read that it's not expected to change battery life and range.My question is, how much does the reduction in torque affect acc… Go to Source

Zero FX – Desert trip video!

For those who haven't seen the video on facebook. Took my 2 favorite electric gadgets to my family vacation – the FX & aerial photography drone. Here is the result – Go to Source

Error code 57 and software updates.

Starting a new thread for this one because it could affect more bikes. So as some people might know I'm looking into fast charging but there are some bumps on the road. After my previous roadside stalling I wanted to take it easy before testing Chademo… Go to Source

IC racers may soon be at a disadvantage on the race track

Now this is an interesting regulatory development.  The EPA is formulating rules that would prohibit all IC (I assume) vehicles originally approved for public highway use from being modified for racing – even if they were never going to be run anywhere… Go to Source

Direct power transponder

Wired up my X2 transponder.  I've plugged it into the highbeam (red +12v, black gnd) so I can charge or not charge based on my mood. Extensive testing by scientists… (looking at you Emoto racing people) … has shown the best location to mitigate int… Go to Source