Battery life? How long has your Brammo Enertia batteries lasted?

So I did some searching and couldn't find anything about how long people's batteries are lasting on their Brammo Enertia? Or the plus model for that matter. So it made me wonder  ::)I mean when you pay thousands of dollars for something you expect it t… Go to Source

Who has emotorwerks DigiNow Charger?

This was mentioned on the recent post about ChaDeMo charging: [url=… Go to Source

2014 S/SR rear shock length

Does anyone know the length of the stock Fastace BDA58RC shock on the 2014 SR/S. I'm looking at a replacement shock and the new Yamaha R3 uses a 277mm shock and there are some good aftermarket options for that shock (Ohlins, Mupo, JRI). Thanks,David Go to Source

S & SR General Questions

   I was going to make this a topic specifically about ergonomics on the S & SR, but it looks like we need a few general question type topics…    My 2015 SR came today. It was unloaded in the pouring rain, and surprisingly dirty. It booted up ok, asi… Go to Source

DC to DC converter

Last night my 12V circuit failed, looking for tips and advice. Symptoms : Left work as usual and while suiting up, bike live I noticed that the headlight flashed off for no apparent reason. It came back up within a second or so. I flipped a few switche… Go to Source

General Charging Questions

   I can't find a topic for general questions about charging 2013+ Zeros, so I'm starting one. Hopefully I didn't miss an existing one.    My 2015 SR Demo is supposed to finally arrive tomorrow morning, after being hauled from California to Upstate NY…. Go to Source

What is the cell voltage at 0% charge on a zero?

So I was showing a friend of mine the new FXS and he had tons of questions… Hes really into RC, so hes familiar with the power lipo and brushless motors can make but he stumped me on one question. Whats the cell voltage at 0% charge? How low does the… Go to Source

2014 DS customization article in Go to Source

Welded contactor error

Where is the contactor located on a FX? Go to Source

Double Aught

We had a day in the 40's (F) so the 2013S  and 2015SR hit the commute together last week. Noticed:At city speeds in tandem the SR has a different motor pitch with a deep warble.At higher speeds and stops – neither is audible. Comparative:[/… Go to Source