D4 error

I was riding along Pacific Coast Highway last Thursday when I get a D4 error and lost power to the motor.  Restarting the bike did not help so contacted Brammo as to were to take the bike.  I initially got the OK for Hollywood Electrics to fix the bike… Go to Source

12V Electrical Question

OK, all you EE types out there… Since I commute in freeway traffic every day, splitting lanes much of the time, I really need a horn that's louder than stock. Something to make it through 70 mph wind noise, tempered glass, and over a Lexus's sound sy… Go to Source

French Supermotard electric racing series

This could be interesting:    http://cleanrider.com/electric-supermotard-championship-project-in-france/ Go to Source

The 2-3 / 2-4 Error is back !

I have charged my 2013 Zero S ZF11.4 bike every week here in the Winter, no problem.But last weekend the 2-3 fault code emerged when I try to charge. "Controller Area Network (CAN) Error" When I turn on the bike the code "Battery Management System (B… Go to Source

Victory electric at Pikes Peak

Looks like the Victory electric (Empulse?) will be racing to the top of Pikes Peak this June: http://www.roadracingworld.com/news/canet-toye-to-rac… Go to Source

Onboard charger reliability – model year 2014+

From my own experience and that of others here, there seems to be high failure rate with the chargers supplied on 2014 models onwards. Does anyone know how to check the revision number for the chargers? Is it detailed on a label that is easy to view wh… Go to Source

Battery Upgrade

Is there any way we will be able to upgrade the battery for more range?  Has anyone tried this before? Go to Source

Storm Pulse electric touring motorcycle

This are the guys that came up with the motorcycle streamlining article. Looks and sounds good, if it can be designed and built as they propose (which I doubt as I have become a little critical over the years regarding electric motorcycle concepts):   … Go to Source

zero 2010 info search

I been looking at electric bike for a while and I finally jumped in and got a deal on a Zero 2010 DS. I been doing all sort of motorcycle mechanic for over 30 years now, already, and doing trouble shooting on electric commercial appliance.  My knowled… Go to Source

converting an fx to fxs compatibility

i bought a 2014 fx last year planning to stay in my area for a few more years which has sand and dirt orv trails and i do some city driving.  things have changed and do to work relocation i am moving to a large city with 99% city driving with no orv tr… Go ...