The shaft

Changed my third tire (31K miles) and vowed, NEVER AGAIN will I struggle and curse trying to get the rear axle back through the maze of chain tensioner, swingarm, tensioner, wheel, brake holder, tensioner, frame, and tensioner, impeded by the stupid sq… Go to Source

Streamlining and drag of a motorcycle

Interesting blog post on the drag of a motorcycle. Featuring the electric STORM Pulse university bike that is going to ride around the world.… Go to Source

Hole storage thingy concept

It isn't a secret that a lot of people use the frame hole to put their charging cord in, but what if you could use it as a little storage unit? So time to drink some beer and start some paper modelling. First take a look at the hole:[img]http://i.img… Go to Source

Brammo is hiring

A project manager and a principal mechanical engineer: Go to Source

Sunny Boy Storage 2.5 – an inverter/charger for our Zero’s

SMA have recently announced that they will be bringing a high voltage inverter/charger to market in March 2016 (data sheet attached). Rather than support the 48V pseudo-standard for residential battery storage their new unit will support the Tesla Powe… Go to Source

Problems charging with ChargePoint

I've successfully charged my 2015 S a few times at ChargePoint L1 stations with the stock charge cable. Last night, though, I had a different experience: I tried five different chargers in two locations, and every single one gave me a "Ground Fault" er… Go to Source

Zero FXS service manual

Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the Zero FXS service manual? It might be called "repair manual"…. NOT the owners manual… but the actual repair manual a shop would have for the bike.I know I can get the owners manual from here: [url=htt… Go to Source

Lanesplitter/ Jalopnik Zero review Sean finally posted up his review of the ze… Go to Source

Empulse TT rear wheel compatibility

Anybody know if the 17×4.5 TT rear wheel is compatible with the Empulse R's cuz handling/weight savings?  I did a quick search and didn't see anyone talking about it yet. 350$ for the oem part vs some thousands for the fancy race ones from marchesini. … Go to Source

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