2015 DS throttle hand fatigue

So I've owned 3 other motorcycles and 2 maxi-scooters over the last 23 years. I've never experienced a throttle that was so difficult to hold open as my 2015 DS (demo model). It is progressively harder to hold open the more you twist it. Most of my 45 … Go to Source

Plastic push rivets on FX upgrade

I had to remove the rubber side covers on my 2015 FX. After refitting, the two plastic push rivets that hold the two tabs in the front above the heat sink kept falling out. Noticed that the 2016 had an improved design that was a little longer and there… Go to Source

2013 SDS Monolith Replacement Campaign

Hot damn.. Looks like us 2013'ers are getting new batteries.  Here's a snip of the email I got about an hour ago:"Zero Motorcycles is passionate about the quality and integrity of our motorcycles. We continually monitor their performance and conduct o… Go to Source

nrg EVgo?

Anybody sign up for this charging system?  How's it working out?  I noticed three of their stations at one of my local Whole Foods. These are the plans (copy/paste from https://www.nrgevgo.com/charging-plans… Go to Source

Zero lighted sign

A pic of my Zero lighted sign I have Zero madness! Go to Source

A Smart Windshield

The question is do we really need more distractions when riding? http://www.autoblog.com/2016/03/27/samsung-smart-windshield-motorcycle-scooter-hud-video/[/u… Go to Source

BrammoFrenchy, San Francisco

Hello all,I finally decided to write my first message on the Brammo forum. Yes, I checked on my profile, I joined the forum almost 3.5 years ago and have never participated so I think it's time to say hi! Hi! I'm Adrian, strong believer of sustaina… Go to Source

<$20 Y-cable build

Having already bought Zero's Y-cable for fast-charging back in 2013, spending another $250 when I lost it was just unpalatable!  Now that I'm building my two Quiq chargers and J1772 adapter into my FX's Givi top box, it was time to go the DIY route.  T… Go to Source

I’m done with sticky string plugs

A couple of weeks ago the rear tire on my Zero developed a very slight leak at the sticky string plug that I had put in several thousand miles ago to repair a nail hole. I pulled out the leaking plug and replaced it with a new one. I made sure to coat … Go ...

Brake pad compatibility

As far as I know, the following parts will fit: Rear brake pads:Galfer FD220Braking 828SM1Brembo 07BB2010TRW MCB 700 Any suggestions for the front pads? Go to Source