I’ll post this here for anyone with a pre 2013 who wants to redo a battery

Of course this is at your own risk and send Jim any questions as he is the big EV guy.  I have seen some of the 2011 and 2012 bikes that have bad batteries on ebay and for sale in other places for around $1000.  I saw Jim's video and thought I'd share … Go ...

Gearbrake for FX

Gearbrake now makes a plug and play harness for the FX! I really wanted to install this because it senses deceleration without braking, which is perfect for Zeros. They offer it for all other Zero models. Could have just ordered the universal kit but d… Go to Source

2013 Empulse for sale

Hello All, Sadly, due to some unexpected financial hardships, I have to let go of my black 2013 Empulse. I'm asking $6900, or make me an offer. You can find more information in the Craigslist posting here:https://boulder.craigslist.org/mcy/5495678554…. Go to Source

Zero Factory Tour Livestream 3/16 1PM PDT

Zero is billing the event as a factory tour for Bob Burnquist, a popular X-Games competitor and apparently a Zero fan. I don't know the guy, but all press is good press. If you happen to be in the Santa Cruz area, though, swing by the factory and chec… Go to Source

Givi E22 side cases on Zero S/SR

I searched for this but didn't get any hits on the E22 side cases. Does anyone here have them on their Zero S or SR? If so, could you report and post pics? I assume they mount up to the Givi Monokey side rack frames that Zero sells. I don't care for th… Go to ...

Communication from Polaris to Brammo Empulse owner

Just got this email forwarded to me from a Brammo contact:  Quote Recent communication from Polaris to an Empulse Owner to share with a Victory Dealer. It might just prove usefulThanks> Victory dealers can temporarily locate legacy Brammo parts b… Go to Source

Another Charger bites the dust….

Sadly, looks like I'm about to chew through my third charger for my 2015 SR. Same symptoms as before – not charging, and after about ten/fifteen minutes, it pops the RCD on the circuit it's on in the house. This would be the second of the 'new' … Go to Source

Interview with Argonne’s Jeff Chamberlain

This is probably one of the simplest but most to the point interviews I've seen on battery technology. http://www.anl.gov/articles/ask-scientist-ask-battery-scientist But the r… Go to Source

Drive belt snapped!

Can you believe it? I'm guessing it must have snapped because it's not there anymore. I think you need to take the wheel off to change them. I'm writing this whilst stood behind the barrier southbound on the A1. I guess I'll be late for work then! New … Go to Source

Where is best place to tap into 12v power on the Enertia?

Where is best place to tap into 12v power on the Enertia?  Thanks Go to Source