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2017 Victory Octane review

Here is a link to the first review of the new 2017 Victory Octane that I have read.  I am still not seeing any trend toward Victory developing a sportbike style like the Empulse had. So I continue to wonder what direction Victory will take with their (… Go to Source

Side stand solution for the woodcraft race rearsets

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Bike alarm for zero

Hey guys, my new DSR is coming in early next week, as my excitement grows I am doing some research on some alarms that I can use for the bike being that I want to use the bike as a commuter to work and I work inside of a mall. I have been looking at ...

Preparing bike for first ride since my accident.

So I've been getting my bike ready for when spring rolls around and I take it back out. It has been sitting since Feb 2015 when I took a spill and broke my leg. Can anyone thing of anything beside chain lube, chain tension, and an oil change that shoul… Go to Source

wheel bearing replacement issues

Dear, I experienced a bad story recently with my SR 2014 and would like to know if some of you had the same issue… After 10 000 km+ the rear wheel bearings showed some fatigue, so I went to my dealer,He told me this was quiet normal since the rear w… Go to Source

Canadian bought a Brammo in 2014. who will honor the warranty?

My bike runs fine, I have no problems with it at all. I am very pleased with my purchase. I bought a Brammo Empulse 2014 during the fire sale (October 2014). I imported it into Canada. I have all the paperwork and the purchase/import is a 100% above bo… Go to Source

Reliable VX-1 for sale in San Francisco

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Issue with 2016 FX front brakes

Would be interested to hear from other FX owners who have had a problem with "howling" front brakes. Just replaced the disc and pads…..they were quiet for about 20 miles of stop and go street riding; then the howling returned. Sounds like an 18 wheel… Go to Source

Roasting hot power tank

So I was in the garage and my SR was on charge for about 7 hours. I happened to put my hand on top of the "tank" and it was roasting hot. I think this is the little "bump" housing underneath that has the power tank contactor, but I'm not sure what's in… Go to ...