Going Off Road with a DSP – Take Two.

No videos or even a photo this time I'm afraid, but I wanted to let you know that it was more successful than my first attempt. The conditions were the same; cold, wet and very muddy. I downloaded the Ordinance Survey app to my phone and found a few gr… Go to Source

2013 S Accessories – Fender Eliminator, Integrated turn signals, SAE connection

I recently got a 2013 S, and have it shipped off for the zero monolith battery replacement campaign.I'm planning some upgrades for when I get it back in a few weeks, and was wondering if anyone could recommend specific parts. Immediate upgrades:Fende… Go to Source

Dutch EM Meet 2016 – May 7th

On Saturday May 7th Dutch EM Meet 2016 is scheduled. Participants: – Roan (Enertia+)– JeffK (Empulse)– ? Every electric motorcycle owner (eg Brammo, Zero, Energica, etc.) is we… Go to Source

EV group meetup

I just did a 55 mile ride (110 mile round trip) for a local EV club meetup. Temps were around 35f. On arrival my gauge said there was 25% battery left. After about 2 hours of charging, she was up to 92% and made the trip home with no problems. Lots of … Go to ...

EVs getting cheaper

This article surmises that electric vehicles will be cheaper to buy and own within about 6 years:  http://www.theguardian.com/envi… Go to Source

IPhone App has been updated

or all of you with an IPhone Zero has updated the App. Main changes are it recognizes 2016 bikes and you can now go 102 MPH in Custom mode. Go to Source


I wanted to share a important safety notice as i've been looking through the manufacturer documentation and can't seem to find anything stating it. I should have known better myself but that fact that i overlooked it means many others may as well, espe… Go to Source

Any li ion battery experts here?

So I have seen enough youtube videos to get me interested in building a battery pack out of 18650 cells from old laptop batteries.  It got me interested enough to try to build a battery pack for my first EV project (still unsure what it's going to be)…. Go to Source

It’s here! It’s here! Woohoo!

Look what the Easter Bunny delivered to me today! Just in time for the snow storm this evening. But it's here! Go to Source

FX wheels on a DSR?

Hey guys, I tried searching the forum, but didnt come up with much info. I am putting my order in through my local dealer and was wondering if you are able to get the FX (Spoked Wheels) on the DSR, I like the look and height of the FX wheels much more…. Go to Source