Zero FX Rear Lift Strap

In the process of making my FX more trail worthy, I've realized that the rear fender may not be strong enough to withstand being pulled to lift the bike out of a rut, over a log, etc.  The easiest solution is probably a rear lift strap, as shown on the… Go to Source

Morgan EV3 Concept

Interesting design, but will it sell at the price that Morgan wants for its vehicles? Go to Source

Victory Empulse arrives in New York – Gotham Motorcycles

Quote Riders in or around New York will have an opportunity to experience the latest entry in the electric motorcycle arena, the 2016 Victory Empulse TT. It appears Gotham Motorcycles, New York City’s only Indian, Victory and Slingshot dealership, hav… Go to Source

Pirelli offers $40 rebate if you buy a set of street tires

Since Zeros come with Pirelli tires, I figure this is of interest: … Go to Source

This Forum can make a Freedom of Information request about the UK Subsidy here Go to Source

Ride Apart reviews the 2016 DSR

Here is a link to their review: Go to Source

My Previous Electric Bike

   It occurs to me that I may seem a little gloomy, and too willing to assume the worst about my new SR. I'll post a link to another forum, where I posted for years about my experiences with a ZEV 5000LA, and the "company" that sells them. Don't read i… Go to Source