Brembo rear brake upgrade

I've struggled to get good performance with the J Juan rear brake on my 2014 SR. The brake wasn't progressive and even with a left hand brake lever it was hard to control brake pressure between gentle slowing to locking up the rear. I was looking at br… Go to Source

Zero App vs. Zero Dash

Got a RAM mount so I can keep an eye on my phone while I rode.  When the Zero app is running, I noticed a couple of disparities:  The speed displayed on the app is different from the speed on the dash; I attribute that to the app collecting its data vi… Go to Source

DCF file Enertia

Hello who has a DCF file an Enertia Enertia Plus or Go to Source

DCF file Enertia plus

Hello who has a DCF file an Enertia Enertia Plus or Go to Source

Brammo and Polaris, they have left us alone in Europe

  2 months waiting for the change in my gear box warranty, Yesterday talk to the distributor in Spain, and this desperate, because brammo and polaris do not provide after-sales service. There is another bike stopped by an accident waiting also … Go to Source

My homemade ‘Supercharger’ for a Zero

Tried my new homemade supercharger yesterday. (Wintertime is tinkering time  ) Managed to charge with 83 ! Amps from 52% to 90% in under 30 minutes  For my first attempt at a fast-charger see : [url=… Go to Source

Biggest issue I have with this bike…

Just wondering if any other "First time electric bike riders" have the same "problem" I do.  Very often when I glance at the speedometer, I find myself going WAAAAAAY faster than I think I am.  I attribute that to the complete lack of engine noise and … Go to Source

New SR in San Diego

Hello Everyone, just bought a 2015 SR demo unit. I should be getting it next week. I am very excited to start riding it afterreading almost every post in this forum, which it was the main reason I try it in the first place, so thanks . I am in S… Go to Source

2014 Zero SR issues

I have had a few problems with the bike since I got in 19 months ago. – The most recent issue was when the bike lost almost most of its power when I hit 16% remaining battery. I was on the highway! However, I am getting the impression from some other … Go to Source

Trail tail with a 2016 DSR

Thought I would share my new acquisition which so far seems to work pretty good.  133L should be more than enough room I hope 😀  Handles really good but I can ce… Go to Source